Find Motivation: 3 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

Find Motivation: 3 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

Some days, I get shit done. I work hard and do everything I set out to complete in the day. Other days, motivation is hard to come by so I don't do much of anything and I feel like a lumpy bag of potatoes. Over the years I've found 3 tricks that help me have more of the motivated days than the potato days. 

1. Envision It

I learned this from the yoga classes I started taking at my local gym. Each day, we start class by envisioning our goal, purpose and desire. We determine what we want to do for the lesson, the day, or even long-term like the year, and we envision ourselves reaching these goals. You decide what you want to do, why you want to do it  and ways you can work towards it each day. 

On my potato days this feels a little cheesy, but I've found that if I picture myself completing all of my tasks for the day before I get up in the morning I'm much more likely to get them done. After your alarm goes off but before you get out of bed, try sitting up with your legs folded and  picturing the things you want to get done. Even if that just means making sure you do your laundry and wash your dishes, envisioning yourself completing the tasks at the start of the day can help you get them done by the end of the day.

2. Write It Down

One time my friend bought a set of journals and decided we had to write some short- and long-term goals into them. She said that I'm way more motivated to do things if I see them on a piece of paper in front of me. She was right. I wrote down that I wanted to move and get a new job, and within a month I'd reached both of those goals.

Usually things don't move that quickly, but if I write down my plans for the day I generally have a get-shit-done type of day. I use a day planner that I carry around with me, as well as a calendar that hangs on my closet door at home. Having my plans written down in two locations is helpful because I can't escape them no matter where I am. You can use a day planner, calendar or a bullet journal to write down your plans for the weekend, tasks you need to complete and meal ideas for the week. Use a bulletted list or whatever it takes to make sure you see the stuff you need to do.  

3. Be Realistic 

I don't mean sell yourself short--I mean be realistic. Schedule things in a way that you can get them done without seriously stressing yourself out. If you want to go to the gym everyday before work but you usually snooze 7 times each morning, your first step should be to start cutting out the snoozes. Don't jump right in to going to the gym at 5:00 AM everyday when you may not be able to keep it up (and your imminent failure in those instances may cause you to turn back into a potato). Pick a short-term goal that you want to reach first, like getting to work 30 minutes early for a week. If you accomplish that, you can start adding more to your list.

Make sure you remember that some goals are long term. You can't get fit in a month and you're not going to radically change your lifestyle in a week. Start small and stay focused on the little things--they'll add up and help you accomplish the bigger things down the road.

Don't Delay - Get Shit Done Today

Sometimes finding the motivation to meet your goals can be really hard. Especially when you're in a dead end job and can't get an interview with another company to save your life. Instead of turning into a lumpy bag of potatoes at the end of each tiring day, follow the tips above so you can get shit done, meet your goals and feel good about your accomplishments. 

Published by Kristina Hemmerling


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