Zombie Me: An Abstract Self-Portrait

One year for Halloween in a drawing class I took, my teacher made us draw ourselves as zombies.

Doing realistic works is not my favorite because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when things don't look exactly right I get a bit bothered. Plus it was a self-portrait, and making art of myself wasn't particularly appealing. 

Thankfully, for this assignment we got to take reality and make it into something else - a zombie. A simple way to make oneself unrecognizable. 

I used a mirror to look at myself and drew the basic shapes of my face and then went to town making myself into a zombie. While probably not all of the injuries are anatomically correct, I had a lot of fun thinking up what I would make next. Skull sticking out, eye all messed up, throat exposed.

Instead of feeling forced into creating something that looked exactly like me I got to create myself in a gross, zombie way. And boy, is it gross.

I think the throat is my favorite part because it really looks like the bone is sticking out. I think I struggled a bit to make the eyes look like they had depth, but I suppose since it's a zombie portrait and zombies are dead there doesn't have to be a lot of depth.

I haven't done anything like this since, but maybe I should. Altering a real object is something my teacher from this class really enjoys doing in his paintings. His art is very abstract but each part is easily recognizable. It's cool and weird and interesting.  I haven't gotten into it as far as people and internal organs, but this assignment showed me some of the appeal. 

For now, though, I think I'll stick with abstract landscapes and little bowling-pin people

Published by Kristina Hemmerling


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