Legging Love

It is finally my favorite season: fall! And while the temps have been warmer than usual for October, there is still a hint of crisp autumn in the air. This means I can buy pumpkin spice creamer, break my scarves out of storage, and buy new boots, sweaters, and leggings. 

Leggings are a staple in my fall wardrobe, and this year I've done it. I have discovered the best leggings I've ever put on my body. 

These leggings are LuLaRoe. The company sells mainly through private consultants via Facebook groups and pop-up parties, much like Pampered Chef and MaryKay products. The buying process is a little strange at first, but it's because the inventory is more like an online boutique than mass produced clothes from Old Navy. The process varies, but usually the consultants upload pictures of their inventory and the first person to claim the item wins. One pair of leggings cost $25 (a little on the pricey side, but they are made of a durable material that isn't see through, so I definitely think it's worth it). Shipping is $3 or you can pick them up if you live near the consultant. I found a group through a friend who invited me, but you can search and request to join probably any Facebook group. I found different market-style groups where there are multiple consultants with lots of inventory (they sell way more than just leggings but honestly, what else do I need?) 

So what makes these leggings so great? LuLaRoe advertises their leggings as "buttery" soft, and while I'm not so sure about the comparison to butter, these leggings really are super soft. The material stays consistently soft after multiple trips through the washer and dryer. I also love that they're thick but breathable, so I can wear them as pants without people seeing the hearts on my underwear. Of course I had to have black (two pairs) because they can go with any top, but I also ventured out of the ordinary. I've developed a love for bold patterns recently and LuLaRoe has an abundance of adorable, sometimes odd (I've seen cheeseburgers) printed leggings. So I bought floral leggings that I like pairing with a black and white striped top, but they can also be toned down with a solid tee. I also decided to try a solid olive green to wear under a dress or with brown boots and a patterned shirt. My newest addition is the black with colorful circle designs; I love that these are simpler but still pretty bold. 

I am loving adding more patterns to my wardrobe and they are seriously soo soft and comfortable; I don't think I can return to my days of cheaper Target leggings. I have to stop myself from buying too many of these cute patterns. It's addicting. Come fall down this weird rabbit hole with me!! 

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