Review: Essie 2016 Fall and Winter Collections

Review: Essie 2016 Fall and Winter Collections

Dec 3, 2016, 8:40:03 PM Life and Styles

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to do this review for a while, but I wanted to test out the wear of the four Essie nail polishes that I bought... so it took a while to get here. My apologies! But hopefully now some will find this review helpful. 

Essie Winter 2016 Collection (pictured above):

So I have only owned one Essie brand nail polish before this and I never really used it that much because I wasn't a big fan of the color. But I was getting so frustrated with my cheap $3 nail polishes lasting about 2 days and chipping all over the place. So I decided to give the brand another shot because I have always heard everyone loving them. I saw their new fall and winter 2016 collections on their website and thought the colors looked gorgeous. So I decided to buy my favorite two from each set (because buying 12 new nail polishes seemed excessive).  I purchased Satin Sister (blue green) and Getting Groovy (gold glitter) from the winter collection. 

I'm a lover of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Golden-I, a $3 bottle that has lasted me years until it finally wore out. So I thought that Essie's color would be a little better quality at $9 a bottle. However, I found that it was pretty much the same quality. Essie's was definitely harder to get off with nail polish remover, which means that it would probably last a long time on the nail, but it started chipping around the edges after about 5 days wear. So after a week, the nail polish was down to the center of the nail and but oddly, I had to scrub to get it off. I would stick with the Sally Hansen brand for this color. 

However, it seems to be just the glitter color that has that problem. I loved Satin Sister! The polish coats on thick after just one coat. The formula of this color was very thick and durable compared to the glitter. The polish lasted a whole week before even one chip. I loved this formula! The color came out looking exactly like it does in the bottle too. Satin Sister was definitely worth the $9 for a lasting finish that feels professionally done. 


Essie Fall 2016 Collection:

I know that I might be a little late for fall, but I think that these colors can definitely be used in Winter too. Maybe even next spring, aside from the gray and burnt orange shades. In the fall collection I bought Playing Koi (burnt orange) and Kimono Over (deep purple). 

Playing Koi was definitely my favorite! The formula was the same thick consistency of Satin Sister, however I used two coats to really get the color the way it looks on the bottle. One coat left it looking a little patchy. This burnt orange shade is such a great fall color, maybe because it reminds me of the changing leaves, but I absolutely loved this shade and this long lasting formula!

Kimono Over looked like a perfect deep purple shade in the bottle, but when I put it on my nail even at just one coat, it dried way darker. It looked black and you could barely tell that it was a purple shade. I was pretty bummed about the color of this one, because most of the time when I try to get a dark purple shade it turns out like this. I was hoping this wouldn't do that too, but it did. It was still incredibly long lasting for just one coat and nothing over it, but the shade the polish took when it dried was definitely a disappointment. 

I had some hits and misses with these collections, but overall the quality of this brand is amazing and I would definitely recommend them. This brand has some great shades! If you have an opportunity to sample them and look at the color outside of the bottle before you buy it, I would say that that is your best option to really get the most out of this brand. I hope this review helped someone looking for those perfect holiday shades!

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