We wear them, but how high?

Ok, so today is Friday again... (dduuuhhhh... a cycle with a 7 day frequency yada yada) and I thought that I can help you a little bit with some other tips on... heels? Wearing them or not?

Topic: To heel or not to heel?

I know that quite often this is such a big deal for girls I know, for me as well. I see also some lucky gals on skyscrapers, seriously, and it's like 10:00 am, don't get me wrong, not judging or anything, still can't help but think where in the proficient hell do you think you are going? And when you actually ask them, you get a narrowed arrogant look from up above (seriously, isn't it a bit cold up there? :D): "What are you talking about, you silly? I am more than comfortable in my Louboutin heels, I could never walk on flats... hhmmmphh!"

For the record, you can get Louboutin flats as well, if it is just the brand you are concerned with.

Now, let's get down to business, shall we:

  • Assume you are literally a star, lots of fans chasing you. That would be great, I know, however my point is, if suddenly a crowd of super hot, sexy, irresistible men falls in love with you and let's be pragmatic, putting the flattery aside: YOU CAN'T RUN LADY! Kaput. Period. I know what you might be thinking, if you are not wearing heels no one notices in the first place. Is that really what you think? Ok, point taken (let's pretend so), but seriously who falls in love at first sight, doesn't really fall in love with your feet, a pair of legs maybe, but that is not love and you certainly don't need it, if it's love you are looking for. While running comfortably, who knows... you might accidentally bump into someone who will take your breath away... or not... as for me I am focused on keeping my breath steady while running.
  • Long strides look more appealing on high heels? True, but long hauls to walk however, not that much, specially with swollen fingers. Next day, you would need a pair of farmer boots, so from hero to zzzzzzzzz...eeerooooooo.
  • You already know that, where you are headed, there will be stairs... a maze of stairs... Now to me that's not a very safe combination, but hey suit yourself...
  • Fashionable? Attractive? YES, please. That's not necessarily equal to wearing heels. A few inches more won't do any harm, a better posture and better control of your movements when walking, but you can look the same adorable, wearing flats, or not spiky ones at least. It's about style and know how to, not heels itself.
  • All those posters/pictures of powerful business/office women in high heels? You know excel files do not have a formula as like: higher heel= higher authority... yet. And guess what, there will never be such thing. It's all in our minds, the false presumption, and the lame excuse for pomposity. Authority and respect has got nothing to do with heels, and that is a complete different topic.

Confidence, the huge and heavy one we all want, should not depend on two thin sticks.

You should reflect your inside beauty through your outfit and style. Do not hide your insecurities behind high heels, skirts and a strong red lipstick. You will look beautiful absolutely, which is perfectly fine, but these confidence boosters are not long lasting, their effects wear off pretty soon.


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