Love Like A Colorless Piece of Art

Love Like A Colorless Piece of Art

Nov 24, 2016, 3:54:04 PM Creative

It starts to pour

As I stare at the single dark cloud

I began counting one to four

Opening my eyes and looked for you over the crowd


I began to worry,

About to and me - us

Hoping everything won't be as blurry

Like one time when I had a mess


It's different from what it says

As I start to open my mind and my heart

On a great opportunity that there is,

And give color to this colorless piece of art.


It doesn't change what I feel,

More like it grows a lot.

As much as I want to conceal,

The more it hits me on the spot.


From my frowns to endless smiles,

From a distance.

I know we won't be bothered by these miles,

For I know we value each others' existence.


We may never have the right time,

I know for sure you'll have my back.

And go to the highest climb,

And talk about having the same track.

Published by Kristine Pineda

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