Alice 4

She is tired. Lost. Knows she needs guidance. She prays. She cannot ask. 

She makes some calls. Feels trapped. She is ashamed. She cannot tell.

He yells. She cries. She needs help. She needs to leave. She needs a guide. She needs space. She knows she should go.

She stays.

She works more hours. Tries harder. He is sullen. Melancholy. This is her fault. She is unhappy. She needs to fix this. He is working. He is busy. She needs to be a better wife.

She can fix this. It's never too late. Those vows. Forever means forever. Right?

She is tired. 

They tell her it's not cheating. It's just what blokes do.

She is so tired.

Confused. It is falling apart. She wants him to love her. She cannot stand this life. This is not what she was building. This was not the plan. Doors slam. They cannot talk. 

Silence. She is tired. 

Poor, poor babies. She feels so guilty. She loves them. So she must fix this. Of course she will. She will make this work.

Published by Kristy Hunt

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