"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." ~ Winston Churchill.

We have 100% control over the attitude with which we face each day.

We have a choice.

If we are aware of our attitude, we can make choices between action and reaction; we can ask ourselves "what attitude will serve me best under these circumstances?"

The attitude we have each day towards others, towards events and towards the world effects our life experience.

We talk a lot about positive thinking, positive attitudes, inner game and so on, but does it really work? Does it really help?

We have very little control over many things in our life. We must play the cards we are dealt.

But we have choice about the attitude we play that hand with.

Even when the chips are down and we are on our way out of this life, our final choice is the attitude with which we live our final days.

Attitude is a little thing. That makes a big difference.

Published by Kristy Hunt

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