"Pure mindfulness is relaxed, open, lucid, moment-to-moment awareness. It is like a bright mirror: non-clinging, non-grasping, non-aversive, non-reactive, undistorting...Present awareness and mindfulness implies an understanding of what we are doing and saying." ~ Lama Surya Das

Mindfulness has become a buzzword.

Is it a goal?

Something to aim for?

Something we can even truly define or understand?

Is it a fad?

The latest way to increase productivity?

Will it make us happy?

Do you eat mindfully? Work mindfully? Are you mindful in your relationship? 

What does mindfulness mean to you?

Mindfulness to me is the way I go about my day. It's not a goal.

It is something I endeavor to do.

Like driving carefully.

My goals are my destination. My means of travel is driving. And I am going to drive safely.

We can set goals. Set plans of how we are to achieve those goals. Then add mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not easy.

It is difficult to stay present. 

To not wander off with distraction and worry.

Time seems limited and we want to mulit-task, to get more done. 

Not everything can be done faster. Some things take time.

Bedtime stories. Couch snuggles. 

Important things.

Are you being mindful?


Published by Kristy Hunt

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