Sep 4, 2016, 4:02:09 PM Opinion

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." ~ Mike Tyson.

Planning is essential. We all need plans and clearly mapped out goals.

We also need to be prepared to acknowledge that not everything goes to plan.

Not everything will work out the way we had in mind.

Plans and goals must be dynamic.

Constantly being reviewed.

Plans are like maps, they keep us heading in the right direction; but we need to be continually checking, revising and adjusting course.  Making new choices.

It is essential to make adjustments for changes and to ensure our plan is still relevant, still working and still taking us in the right direction.

Decision making can be difficult.

We can learn to be effective decision makers, to be great planners and to be good goal setters. But we must also be good reviewers.

Is this still working?

What can I change?

Is there a better way?

Have circumstances changed since I made this decision?

What can I do now?

Review, reconsider and seek alternatives.

Anticipate change.

Have a plan. Review it regularly.

Published by Kristy Hunt


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