"A reputation, once broken, may possible be repaired, but the world will always keep its eyes on the spot where the crack was." ~ Joseph Hall.

While we often say it does not matter what people think of you, or how you are judged; reality is in business you must have a good reputation.

What is the best way to build and maintain a good reputation?

Integrity. Authenticity. Consistency. Transparency.

If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

How do you ensure you maintain a good reputation?

How has this changed with social media and online presence?

What feedback do you receive from clients or customers?

How do you respond?

What action can you take to improve your reputation?

What impact can reputation have on results?

What are your clients or customers seeking?

What do they look for in reputation?

What gives a business a good reputation?

How can we build reputation for small rural business? limited places available.

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