The Value of Solitude

The Value of Solitude

"I was taught to feel, perhaps too much, the self-sufficing power of solitude." ~ William Wordsworth.

There is enormous power in solitude. Alone time. To think, contemplate, rest, replenish and reflect.

Solitude can be as damaging as it is healing when used in a negative way.

If you are using alone time to eat junk, drink alcohol, mope or as an avoidance of other activities the value is lost. 

Time alone can be a great benefit to rest and recharge, gather yourself and prepare for what is coming next.

If we are hiding out at home, ruminating on negative feelings and not healing, we are creating more problems for ourselves.

Solitude is wonderful for healing. Necessary. 

Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself, make sure you have healthy self-talk and that your solitude is not destroyed by you beating yourself up with negative thoughts, feelings and self-sabotage!

We can achieve a lot when we are alone.

Silence is wonderful.

Thinking time.

Time for you to pause, rest and heal.

Solitude is not a healing tool for those whose minds are unkind. Who cannot rest and let it be. For those who are hiding out and avoiding life. 

Silence is very hard to hear if you are not ready to hear it.

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