Do You Need Physical Therapy Pre- Surgically?

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Do You Need Physical Therapy Pre- Surgically?

Jun 23, 2021, 1:14:55 PM Life and Styles

We all know that when somebody undergoes any surgical procedure or is advised to do so needs to be prepared for that. We all have some motility issues post the treatment to which we prefer to visit a doctor.

But the patients are not aware enough that physical therapy can be as helpful as it can post-surgery.

Pre-surgical physical therapy is now being practised to reduce the problems faced after the surgery by the patients. It is said that pre-operative physical therapy almost reduces the chance of post-operative care for about 29% About 54% of all the patients who have undergone surgery might not face complications post-operatively, stated recently.


  • The primary benefit to it includes that the hospitalization period postoperatively is reduced - In some procedures there is a requirement for the patient to stay back at the hospital under observation and some support system. The physical therapist improves the internal condition way back during the prehabilitation which causes to the patient healing faster and reducing the hospitalization time.


  • There are relatively fewer chances of complications being caused- after pre-rehab because one is less prone to infections, there may be insomnia, hyperventilation caused to a few patients which may cause the problems.

  • The muscles which are involved at the site of surgery can be relieved- various massaging techniques have been introduced, due to which pressure will be imposed upon the pressure of the soft tissue helps to relax the muscles and also increases and improves the circulation of blood. 

  • The surrounding bone shows an increased range of motions which is helpful later post-surgery - In cases such as hip replacement and knee replacement before the introduction of any graft the previously present bone mobility is important.

  • The recovery period is shortened- The physical therapist trains one’s muscles in advance with their exercises. The person's internal willpower and strength is certainly increased which lessens the time the patient requires to recover

  • Pre-rehab will not only help you physically but also mentally- Patients tend to have various doubts regarding the procedure to be carried out. The physical therapist being with them in their comfort zone helps them to join the dots to their surgical protocol this mentally preparing them for the same, pre-rehab will boost your confidence and will make you less anxious, with this, your surgery will be carried out with ease. 

  • There are chances of patients developing lesser side effects- Some can face issues in breathing post-surgery. Some also face issues of insomnia, and medicinal side effects which can be certainly be brought to control.

  • Physical therapy can help the patient with all the support-bearing equipment - which are used here and post-operatively by the patient.

  • Some research suggests that there are positive outcomes after bariatric surgery if proper rehabilitation is given

Other than the physical issues some patients may significantly face mental issues such as anxiety and fearfulness. Such emotion can be overcome through the pre-preparation done by the physical therapist for the surgery. Proper caregiving and an empathetic attitude will help counsel the patient.

When to begin?

Now the question lies in when to begin before the surgery is being conducted. 

The answer is one can begin the physical therapy session ideally before 6 weeks of surgery. But usually, people go for it before 2 weeks. Both have been found to have good results on the patients. The more severe the surgery is more the time of rehabilitation should be taken.

What can you expect from the therapy procedure?

Stretching: it is something a patient should look forward to. The patient can avail to a full range of motion by doing so. It can provide relief to the stiffened muscles thus making them also easier to heal post-surgically

Cardiovascular exercise

It can increase the patient’s stamina and endurance to pain and help the patient to develop proper flexibility and endurance for all sorts of movement and motion. 

Balance and posture training: There can be a loss of balance and stability post the surgery through the retraining of the same preoperatively it can be prevented to some level postoperatively.

Mindfulness: yes, this the most important, the physical therapist is an essential component of your entire surgical team which will explain to you all the procedures of the surgery to be performed and prepare your body for the same.

Pain relief: All the pain associated with the concerned condition can be alleviated before undergoing the surgical procedure.


Rehabilitation helps you get back to normal life post-surgery quickly compared to others who have not opted for it. There have been many positive results after the therapy is taken. One should think about it before opting for any procedure. A physical therapist is an integral part of your health to help you heal well post-operation. They are your ultimate well-wisher and help you recover faster.

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