Unique Ideas for planning a perfect spring wedding in Bath,England

Unique Ideas for planning a perfect spring wedding in Bath,England

Feb 15, 2021, 9:26:39 AM Life and Styles

Spring is here and there couldn't be a better season to get hitched. For all, you beautiful brides out there who are looking for some last-minute inspirations on spring wedding planning, Krystle brides, one of the top bridal boutiques in Bath, is here with some unique ideas on how to plan the perfect Spring wedding.


Tips To Make Your Spring Wedding Perfect:-


1. Always Have A Plan B! Always.


We know, we know! You are probably reading this for the tenth time, however, we are still saying it, because it is that important! It is beyond question that spring weather is the best to host an outdoor wedding but sometimes the rain gets notorious. So, always have a plan B. Even if you want to get married outdoors, under the sun & skies, book a venue that can also accommodate the wedding indoors in case the weather decides to throw in a surprise.

If you are already planning an indoor wedding, but have scheduled some photoshoots and ceremonies outdoors, keep wedding appropriate umbrellas with you. Better safe than sorry, right?


2. The Bridal Gown


No matter what the season, at a wedding, all eyes are going to be on the bride! But in spring you can look all the more lovely and feminine with dresses that will perfectly complement the weather and the decor. To parallel the idyllic and aesthetic vibes of Spring, choose a gown with delicate materials and intricate floral embroideries or sleeves. Looking for the best bridal boutique in Bath, England to find that perfect gown? Krystle Brides is the place for you.


3. Fulfill Those Floral Fantasies


In love with flowers? Spring weddings are the perfect time to fulfill all those floral fantasies. From floral chandeliers to water fountains with petals, the decor options for Spring weddings are infinite. Whilst there is nothing wrong with going for the classic floral shaded like pretty pastels, soft blues, or a lovely hue of lavender, you can also go for bold and beautiful colors like tangerine and bright red. That’s the beauty of flowers, the ones you least expect often turn out to be the best ones for your wedding venue.


4. Signature Spring Delicacies


It's Spring … embrace it in all its glory. Not only decor, include the essence of spring in the menu too! Using seasonal flavors on the menu is not only special but also budget-friendly. Sweeten up your favorite cocktails like margarita and cosmos with some fresh cut fruits. Oh, and don’t miss out on white wine! A white wine sangria filled to the brim with cut-up berries would be a hit in any kind of event. For desserts, you can have cookies and pastries with edible natural flowers. Trust us, any dish would spring to life with the aroma and colors of fresh flowers!


5. Wedding Accessories


Brides often undermine the power of perfect accessories. The right accessories can completely turn your look around! For spring weddings, going for subtle, delicate accessories is the key. Go for romantic floral headpieces that go perfectly with your gown. If it is an outdoor wedding you can wear tiaras made with fresh flowers. The bride & bridesmaids can also customize their accessories to make a style statement.


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6. Cake Trends for Spring Weddings:-


Assuming that you want a cake for your wedding - ditch the traditional dark chocolates and red velvet cakes and opt for lighter flavors in spring weddings. Dress your cake up with soft pastels, fresh flowers, or skip the dressing all along. White cakes with elegant floral frosting and fruity flavors are at the top of the list of “Spring wedding favorites”.

We hope you are inspired!


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and are all the more excited about your spring wedding.

To all you beautiful brides out there, congratulations on finding the perfect man. But, if are you still looking for the perfect gown? Let us help you out. Contact Krystle Brides, Bath  01225 446844 or email at info@krystlebrides.co.uk and our team will assist you. 

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