Date Night with Hattie

Date Night with Hattie

Last Friday I managed to be fast enough to score two seats in Gold Class to watch the Magnificent Seven. I thought it would be cute for Hattie and I to do a 'date night' considering the others were going to be doing basically the same. And hey, we are practically the first two which would take up any free opportunity. Well, we learnt a lesson that night about how free isn't worth exceeding our current anxiety levels.

Magnificent Seven is probably a fantastic film if your a teenage guy who can handlimg_5988e gore and repeated death, has normal anxiety levels, and know what they are actually going to watch. However with Hattie and I this was not the case on any level.

Considering we had no clue what we were watching, we surprisingly didn't get up and leave when we did. I'm not entirely convinced however that we could if we had wanted too because we were essentially curled up on the seat the entire film. I'm also pretty glad that I managed to click earlier than Hattie about what the name of the film actually referred to!

The photo of us however, was before we were watching the movie - I think it may have not even been showing other trailers yet. So we were completely and utterly clueless. I can guarantee you that we did not walk out of the cinema smiling like that. I would be tempted to say we were probably still crying and shaking. Without a doubt I was apologising to her for inviting her to come watch a highly anxious 2 hour long film. To this day - even if your reading this 20 years from now - I am still really sorry Hattie!!!!!

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