I've had something of an revelation. 

Not sure if it is one for everyone else, but I like it. 

I call it a 'stepping stone'.

A stepping stone is what I call writing a scene that happens later on in the story and using it as a place that you need the story to get too. I use it when I'm stuck and not sure where to go to next with my story. I then write out a scene I want to happen a bit later and say to myself, "Right, this is where we need to go, now let's get there,"

It also helps me get those creative juices flowing if I'm stuck. Suddenly you start getting more and more inspired to get your main character to that point. You have an end goal. I find that having something like that ahead of me, spurs me on to keep writing. 

I've found only one flaw with this. When you're not sure how to get your character to the 'stepping stone'. In those cases, I turn to my trusty writing prompts or just leaving the story alone for a while. Pretty much in those circumstances, fall back on what you need to for those creative brains to start ticking over again. 

I've used stepping stones a few times, and found that more often then not, they help me continue writing when I feel as though I have no where to go. Word vomiting, or just writing whatever comes into your head, also helps to get everything moving alone. These two things can go hand in hand. By word vomiting, you might write a new scene you can set as a stepping stone. Never underestimate the power of writing something further ahead then where you are. The beautiful thing about writing is that we can always go back and make it all fit in. Who doesn't love a bit of editing?

Let me know what you think of this.

Is it a good idea? Did it work for you?

or even let us know what works for you when you find yourself struggling to write.


Happy writing! 

Kyle Ricketts



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