If there's one thing I've been wanting to try out and test myself with, it's this. 

Writing prompts. 

I've seem them floating around and read the stories that people have written because of them. Having a starting point makes it so much easier to form an idea and then run with it. So today, on my personal blog, I added a page to do with writing prompts, wrote one myself and invited everyone else to write one and post it on my blog or leave a link to their blog.   

I challenged people to write a small story, only 500 words. 

Because that is a challenge to me. 

I have trouble keeping my stories to a word limit as I try to include heaps of detail or get a point across and make sure that it really drives home. Writing only 500 words was a challenge, but I feel like I managed to do it.   If you would like to see the small story, you can visit my personal blog at www.kylerickettsblog.wordpress.com

I am forever saying to myself to write a small story, but it ends up spinning out of control as I get more and more ideas for it and continue writing. Before I know it, the 'small' story is now twenty pages long and I'm only half way through. It does give me a giggle. 

So when you're faced with a word count limit, how do you cut things down?

I feel like everything I put into a story as a reason for being there and if I cut something out, it might take away from it. A part of me seems to think that, that's part of the beauty of writing. We can leave it open to interruption to the reader. We can inspire discussions about subjects that readers may not have talked about before. I can't tell you how many times I've had a discussions with friends in regards to a book, or movie, about why something did or didn't or should've or shouldn't have worked. From this I've had great ideas ( I may be a little biased about that) on what to write for a story. 

And who doesn't like to feel a bit of wonderment?


Happy writing! 

Kyle Ricketts


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