Ode to the over-dramatic

Ode to the over-dramatic

Hi, my name is Kylee Jackson, and I am a Class A drama queen. You know the kind of people I'm talking about: they cry over everything, turn even the slightest inconvenience into a disaster, are a walking meltdown, have a story for everything, and just generally do The Most. This is me at all times. I cried when I discovered Pluto was no longer a planet. I ask God to rapture me every single time I get stuck behind a slow driver. I recently called my mom in tears after having a knock-down drag-out with my brother over a few cheap dishes. I have almost zero control over my emotions, and you know what? I wouldn't want to be any other way.

(If you thought I was going to end that paragraph differently, you clearly didn't read the title, which is tragic because my assonance is amazing.)

I have never really bought into the whole "conceal, don't feel" thing, especially since it's only targeted towards negative emotions. Maybe it's because I hate people telling me what to do, but every time someone tells me to calm down or control myself I want to physically injure them. I like being demonstrative. I like being an open book. I like being, dare I say it, a tad bit Extra. Like, sue me for giving a shit, am I right? I was not cut out to be a Stoic; when something is shitty, I'm going to let everyone in a five mile radius know that it is shitty. Do you know why? Because when something is funny, I laugh so hard I start wheezing. When someone does something really kind for me, I smile and start gushing and basically ask them to marry me. When I see something so beautiful it hurts, I cry happy tears and laugh along when people start making fun of me.

It's funny how only half of my overbearing emotionality is frowned upon. It's funny how society has this taboo on perfectly normal emotions like sadness, or that there's a certain level of emotion you're allowed to express before you get the "drama queen" label. Yes, I understand that there is a point where you start exaggerating and turning the smallest inconveniences into major disasters and get rightfully classified as ridiculous and over-dramatic. Yes, I have made fun of baseball players who strike out and throw their bat and helmet around like that's what caused them to not be able to hit a damn ball (and look, I know that may be a bit of a "pot calling the kettle black," situation, but it feels SO GOOD). Yes, I am a self-labeled drama queen. However, it's one thing for me to say I'm being dramatic when I ask God to rapture me because people in Edmond think driving 10 miles per hour under the speed limit is a necessary thing to do, and a completely different one for someone else to call me dramatic because I'm crying at a wedding, which is a real thing that has really happened to me. 

I am getting super off-topic, but my point is that I am not going to be ashamed for being dramatic, especially when I'm actually being completely reasonable. I am a very sensitive person, and I love that about myself. It's probably my favorite thing about myself, if we're being honest. It makes me really emotionally intelligent, which I know is an abstract and ultimately meaningless concept, but still. I am very attuned to my emotions, and that makes me apt to handle others' emotions well also. Those of us who are a bit Too Much all the time are very well prepared for handling reality, because reality is that everyone is a bit Too Much at some point. When I'm having an emotional crisis, the first people I turn to are my fellow drama queens. Yes, that usually means a family member, because I am a part of The Most Dramatic Family in the Country. You see, the extra is genetic, so it's not my fault.

I have made peace with my messy, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. I've come to accept that sometimes I am too sensitive and that could alienate myself or others. You know what? I would much rather be too sensitive, too caring, than not enough. I will not succumb to societal pressure to be detached, cruel, heartless, and frankly, to talk out of my ass like I am somehow a more superior form of human who does not have emotions. I am sensitive, and I am dramatic, but I am also compassionate, empathetic, and kind-hearted. I refuse to be anyone else than my authentic self.

So I'm going to keep crying because everyone thinks trees are prettiest in the fall, when in reality the leaves are changing colors because they're dying. I'm most likely going to get a Pluto tattoo because I am still upset its planetary status was revoked. I will jokingly threaten to destroy Tulsa in a "Godzilla-like rage" if I do not get to see Laurel soon (or is it a joke? Laurel should probably hang out with me soon just to be safe). I will tell get upset when people are being hurtful. I will wheeze-laugh over memes. I will get angry on other people's behalves. I will keep getting really Extra over the traffic in OKC and I will never grasp the meaning of "long story short." I am over-dramatic, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Feb 23, 2017, 3:55:04 PM

This is brilliant! Coming from someone who just had a work performance review and was told to be less 'abrasive', I hear you!

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