Things I learned in 2016

Things I learned in 2016

1. Impossible things are the most worthy. Dream scary dreams, love people who don't know how to be loved, do your best to change the world. Nothing worth having comes easily; don't be afraid of the impossible.

2. You know your dream job? Yeah, sometimes you're going to hate it. Life gets in the way, and it can spill all over your dreams and make you hate them. Sorry 'boutcha.

3. Take life one week at a time. And if that's too much, take it a day at a time. And if that's too much, take it an hour at a time. And if that's still too much, take it a minute at a time. 

4. Real friendships aren't dictated by location or situation. Real friends are still there even when you're hundred of miles away, when it's 3 am and you're throwing up in the Whataburger bathroom, and when you need to be told for the 27,000th time that they still love you even when your crazy leaks all over the place.

5. It's okay to not be okay. 

6. It's important to get rid of the toxicity in your life. Recover. Surround yourself with kindness. Your life will be better for it.

7. It's all about love. Anything done out of love is worth doing. 

8. There's a time and a season for everything. If it isn't happening for you now, it will. Life tends to regress toward the median; if things are bad now, they'll get better. Trust me. Things will be better.

9. The universe is so, so, inconceivably and immeasurably old; yet you get to live right now with the people you love the most. That means something. You have to believe that it means something.

10. Every moment is a chance to be better, and that is a beautiful thing. Take those moments; be better. Be the best possible version of yourself, for nobody but yourself. 

Published by Kylee Jackson

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