The Privilege

Isn’t it funny how someone else’s words either in lyrics or poetry can be the words that you have been trying to say but didn’t know how to say it. Cause I do,

Beau Taplin is this poet that I found and fell in love with his words, the way he writes about love and loss is so pure it’s in his words where I found comfort and a way to truly feel my emotions.

He wrote in one of his poems

It was a privilege to love you and it was a privilege to let you go,

Both helped shape me into the person I have become – Beau Taplin

I remember reading this poem it was peak hour on the train and I was heading  into the city for class, I remember it was so busy the train was packed people were standing up as there was no more seats left. I had my headphones in and not a care of what was happening around me and I was scrolling on my Pinterest and found this poem and I remember I was crying when I read it not because I was upset or had a bad morning but the words on the screen hit me with emotions I was holding in for so long and a million flashback came at once.

Because it’s everything that I had felt with the person I use to love. He was my first ever boyfriend he was my best friend we were young and we thought that we were going to last but life had its own plan. It’s the way that he said it was a privilege  to love you and a privilege to let go of him.

It was a privilege to love him because he made me learn more about myself than ever before, I use to call him my happiness but now he’s just the man who made me dare to dream. It was a privilege to love him because he saw me for who I really was he saw past the scars he saw past the mask and still loved me the same.

But as time went on and we went our separate ways my heart was broken and my pain was strong but I had to let go, when I let him go it made me stronger it made me realize how much I was hanging on just to make him happy instead of being happy for me.

Letting him go made me realize what I lost and  made me feel better about letting go of him because I knew it wasn’t what God wanted for me. It was a privilege to let him go because when I truly did I realized that even though we had each others hears our relationship was effecting the ones I loved and my relationship with God

Loving him made me feel something I never felt before but letting him go made me feel free and happy with who I truly was. But through the love and the loss it made me love myself more and grow stronger in my faith and made me the person who I am today.

Published by Kylie De Guia


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