The True Beautiful.

I do not know if a post like this has already been written, but I feel like I need to talk (ehem, rant) about this issue for a bit.

It's a fact that beauty standards cause women depression, eating disorders and low self esteem. They vary from time to time and from culture to culture, but the effects remain the same.
When you are a woman and you feel pressured to be perfect and fit an ideal standard since an age where you barely understand yourself, you know that something is wrong. Not with you, no. With the world you live in, the society you're meant to be a member of.

I personally recently turned seventeen years old, and I have already felt a huge pressure to be a certain way. Have a flat stomach, make a nice butt without stretch marks, have big breasts, shave your body hair, do this, do that... It's ridiculous that I now have to think before I eat something.

This isn't a good article. it is almost 1am and I'm not thinking of what I'm writing, I'm letting my mind speak. And my mind says that it has had enough.

I don't want to change. My body fat is natural, my stretch marks are natural, my body hair is natural, I am being myself and I do everything for myself only. I just don't care anymore about what people will think and what people will tell me to do or not to do, I won't accept society's beauty ideals. Because the only beauty I want is not one that anybody can see. It's one that only I can see, change, control, it is all mine and nobody has the right to tell me how to manage it.
It's the beauty inside. That, my friends, is the true beautiful.

I don't care about being a beautiful person on the outside if my inner beauty is stained and damaged. What's the point of having a "beautiful" body if your personality is horrible? When you put others down to bring yourself up? When you've wasted all your life to fit the ideals of a society that doesn't even care about you?
My goal is to make people happy. I want to offer things they can carry forever, and outer beauty surely isn't one of them, nor is it going to help me offer them.

So society, I could not care less about your opinions. I may not have your beautiful, but I am working to have the best one I could ever ask for; The true beautiful.


I apologize for this not well thought out post, it really was just an outburst. But I'll be posting more articles on this matter in the future, stay tuned if you're interested!

(I am aware this article was limited to only women but I wanted to talk about my point of view. To all my male and non-binary friends out there, you are all wonderful!)

Published by Kyrania Layen

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