Benefits of whole grain and organic wheat bread!

Benefits of whole grain and organic wheat bread!

Jan 1, 2022, 3:09:57 PM Life and Styles

When grains without being processed are present in a food item, in their original forms, they're considered whole grain food items like organic wheat bread. Other food items like normal pieces of bread are prepared after getting the grains processed, refined, polished, crushed and what not. When grains go through these procedures they lose most of their nutrients. This is why consumption of whole-grain food items is encouraged.

Enriched refined grains do have some vitamins and minerals added back but they're still not healthy as the whole grain version.

Common varieties of whole grains include oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, whole rye, buckwheat, wild rice, millet, barley, bulgur, sorghum etc.

When a food item is made from these grains, it's considered a whole grain food item. They're used to make certain types of bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals.

To make sure you're buying whole grain and organic food items make sure that you thoroughly go through the ingredients list on the packet, and also for the label that states it's organic.

What you should also keep a check on is the sugar content. Sometimes people come across organic and whole grain food items and presume their nutritional status to be healthy. But there are many food items like cereals, which are often loaded with added sugar. Now, added sugar is never healthy and access to it can cause some serious health issues, therefore presuming the food item to be healthy just based on the whole grain consistency would be a mistake.

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Now, consumption of whole grain food items, specifical bread, has been encouraged because of a lot of reasons.

●    Organic whole-grain bread is high in nutrients and fibre.

●    Many compounds in whole grains act as antioxidants like phytic acid, lignans, ferulic acid, and sulfur compounds.

●    They also have many types of plant compounds. These play a great role in preventing disease. These plant compounds include polyphenols, stanols, and sterols.

●    There have been a lot of studies that suggest that the nutritional content in whole-grain bread also help in lowering the risk of heart diseases. Heart-healthy diets should include more whole grains and fewer refined grains.

●    Consuming food made from whole grains also helps to lower the risk of getting a stroke. A study performed on 250,000 people suggested that those eating the most whole grains had a 14% lower risk of stroke than those eating the least. The nutritional content of whole-grain food items such as fibre, vitamin K, and antioxidants, help in reducing your risk of stroke.

●    There is also a reduced risk of obesity for those who consume whole grain food items often. Since these food items are rich in fibre, they prevent one from engaging themselves in overeating. Therefore these food items are also recommended for weight loss. Foods made from whole grains are more filling than the ones made from refined grains.

●    It can also help to lower the risk of developing diabetes. Since whole grains are rich in fibre, they prevent obesity which is one of the causes of diabetes. Whole grain food has also been linked to lower fasting blood sugar levels and also improved insulin sensitivity. This could be because of the presence of magnesium which helps your body to metabolize carbs.

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