How To Choose Your Cake?

How To Choose Your Cake?

Jan 1, 2022, 3:10:04 PM Life and Styles

If you're looking for a cake, for big occasions like anniversaries or weddings, or even for small and sweet celebrations you're at the right place. We provide our Online cake delivery in Delhi and Delhi NCR. No matter if it's a wedding cake or if you need a birthday cake design, we will provide you with the best cake design for any occasion!

Now there are various factors which you must keep in mind before choosing what kind of cake you want. If it's for a birthday then what kind of birthday cake design, where do you want it to be delivered etc. Below mentioned are the points that will help you to choose the best cake design!

1.   Your mood board!

Many People have their preferences set and mood boards ready for the aesthetics of their cake. You might have seen cakes for a particular occasion in magazines, Pinterest, online wetland you might have pictured yours too. Many of the cake designers have their style but some of them provide customizations too. So to make sure this is what you're looking for especially when you're booking your cake online, you should talk about this with the designer beforehand.


2.   What's your budget?

You Should be honest about your budget with your designer or the Bakery. When you will discuss this with the bakery they will provide you with the best cake designs within your range.

3.   When should you order?

This depends on the occasion. If you're ordering a cake for your wedding then you must book as early as possible to avoid any kind of disappointment. Designing a cake, especially for weddings can be a very elaborate task. If you want the online cake delivery in Delhi, for a birthday then you might not want to book as early as you would do in case of a wedding. 

a).   Size matters!

Now, this depends on how many people are invited and how big the occasion or event is. If it's your child's birthday to which only 5 to 10 kids are invited, you wouldn't want to order a 5 kg cake, but you wouldn't want the cake to be smaller if it's a wedding. So for this, you can talk to the bakery and give them appropriate information about the event so that they can help you with the size.

b).   What flavour?

There Can be cakes with dripping chocolate, there can be fruit cakes, etc. The variety in cakes is never-ending. So how should you choose the flavour? Let's say if you're surprising someone then obviously you should go for their favourite flavour. But when you are getting the cake for your wedding then there can be a lot of shenanigans to make sure you choose the right flavour. Kids mostly prefer variations of chocolate flavour but then again one shouldn't order a very dense cake for a child's birthday as kids might feel full too soon.

c).   Fondant

Many people prefer two- three-tier fondant cakes for anniversaries and weddings, sometimes even at birthdays. It's totally up to you if you want thick wincing layers on your cake or if you'd prefer it minimal.

d).   Cake delivery

You Should always cross-check if the bakery can deliver to the required location or not. Many people try to save the cost of delivery by assuming that they will pick up or ask someone they trust to do it. But the odds might be against them especially when the cake is huge. The bakeries have a professional delivery style that will keep your cake safe but an unprofessional doing this job might mess up!

e).   Ordering online is a lot easier!

Planning an event and managing everything might be giving you a hard time then why add more hustle to it by looking for cake designs and deliveries offline. Ordering from an online bakery would make your life much easier. 

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