Atheism- an aspect of evolution.

The world is changing, and so is our perception towards everything. What were baseless theories before are now either discarded or reasoned, not completely though. Belief is one such subject which has witnessed a tremendous change in the emerging era. But what has attracted me the most is the concept of no-god, commonly called Atheism.

Atheism is also a type of religion, the one which doesn’t believe in the existence of God. A religion with its roots deep dug into the world of science. It caters to the life of those who have no God to turn to. In a more organized sense, the world is divided into two types of people- Theist and Atheist. While the former has many subdivisions, the latter has none.

Speaking in evolutionary terms, our vision and morals have evolved to broaden so much as to escape the conventional mental attitude to go into something even deeper, something even more convincing than the theory of God. We created science, but then we realized that actually it is the other way round, that science created us. We realized that Science is the answer to everything. But then again, we didn’t throw away superstitions and superpowers. Why? There can be multiple answers to this. But here’s what I found most convincing of all-

Starting from the birth of a child to attaining maturity, tell him that X exists. Just remind him about this every day; that he has to believe in X. He has to respect and worship him. And one fine day, tell him that everything was false. Everything he grew up with was a lie. He was blinded all the time.
How do you even expect him to believe you now? No matter how much you try to convince him, he won’t budge. Change that X with God, and the child with human race. Does it make sense? Of course it does.

But this environment has loosened its grip over our generation. Due to the latest technical revolution, scientific discoveries, universal exploration, persuasive testaments, enhanced exposure and many more factors, as days pass by, more and more people are being allured towards the concept of non-belief. By far, over 16% of the world’s total strength has lost its faith in God. And apparently, it’s for the good! A non-believing population means no communalism, no riots on religion, no impractical rituals and no unwanted mandatory rules. It won’t be as much effective as it sounds, but it’s sure to be a big change.

Each person has their own reason to turn atheist. Some out of despair while others pretty much convinced by science. Both believer and non-believer are homosapiens. They both eat, they both drink, they both do stuff but what sets them apart is their thinking, their thought process. What an atheist believes scientifically is what a theist believes with superstition. They both engulf the same material but with different reasoning. God’s Miracle is their version of Deeds of science. Theists visit shrines regularly, atheist don’t. Theists often leave things for God to decide, atheist do everything on their own. These examples are just a glimpse of what makes them different. Biologically they’re similar, but when grouped according to perception, the two categories stand wide apart.

A lot of debaters around the world argue for why apostasy is better than other religions. But I think not! There’s no better, no worse in this case. Both have their own pros and cons. God gives hope, which is often a major missing factor in atheism. There are people, living in despair, but alive because they believe god wants them to live. There are people who live because “Bhagwan hamare sath hai”. There are people who live because their father, the almighty, is watching over them. In every breath of such people is god, giving them hope that one day, things won’t be same again. They’ll improve. And one day, they really do.

These two dialogues by Mr. Paresh Rawal, from the movie ‘Oh My God!’ have never failed to impress me:

  • Jahan dharm hai na, wahan satya ke liye jagah nahi hai, aur jahan satya hai truth hai, wahan dharm ki zaroorat hi nahi hai. (Where there is Religion, there is no place for truth. And where there is truth, there no religion is required)
  • Mazhab insaanon ke liye banta hai, mazhab ke liye insaan nahi bante. (Religions are made for humans, humans aren’t made for religions)

Two wise quotes that sum up everything I want to say further. Don’t ever let your religion take hold of you.

P.S: I am an atheist and all the points mentioned above are my personal views. In case you have any contradictory arguments, which I am pretty sure you’ll have, don’t forget to drop them in the comment box below.🙂
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