Reservation- Indian Issue.

What are reservations? They are privileges given to some people which place them ahead of some other in the priority list. In the past, SC, ST and some other castes had suffered due to constant torture of discrimination, ignorance and injustice. After Independence, the constitution prescribed reservations for the mentioned castes with an aim to uplift their status in the society. This was applicable only till they gain recognition and respect in the society. But as we all know, Karma is a bitch!

Today, even after achieving this aim, caste-based and religion-based reservations continue in our country. The people who deserve a seat are pulled back by those who have a reserved seat. Ask yourself- Even after 68 years of independence where do we stand? India has enormous talent and youth power but this talent is being used by other nations to develop themselves. Have you ever wondered why the CEOs of most of the IT giants are Indians? This is because opportunities at these places do not get ruined due to reservations- Talent is the only reservation. Why can't we set up another google or microsoft or facebook or twitter in India? Give it a thought! I am not blaming everything on 'reservation-evil' but of course it’s one of the contributing factors. This was just one example out of thousands more!

But suddenly removing the reservation system from the country would result into a prolong upheaval in the country! The people who are currently enjoying reservation will set the country on fire. Furthermore, as the latest incidents suggest, violent protests will be at large! Then will be the real *Intolerant Moment* for our nation! 

Thinking about the need to dismantle the reservations in our country, I believe they are an important component of the society and a great step to provide a platform for the backward and poor! The only reason why people and even I hate reservations is that they're being used in the wrong way. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, father of our constitution, had introduced reservations on a temporary basis i.e. for a period of 10 years. But then, you can't just pluck a plant once it grows into a tree! I hope you get my point. The roots of the reservation tree have grown too long to get pulled away, but there's still time for us to shape the upper part of the tree!

There is of course a need to revise the *Privilege plans*. Make it income based reservation (This'll give a chance for the poor), Reservations for Transgender (The society needs to acknowledge their presence) and Handicapped, and the families of Army men (They are our protectors! Their families deserve it). Removing reservations can never be the answer to the country's developmental problems, but revising them can surely help!

Many people will still argue that reservations for poor will make them weak and incapable of doing something on their own! But tell me, a *50 Rs. daily wage worker* will spend money on his sustenance needs or education? Help the poor till they get proper education, Jobs and Services on Merit basis. Secondly, The SC-ST well-off people who are still enjoying honors need to understand the urge to end this social evil. They need to know that they no more need reservations and they should give it up now because only then will India stand a chance to be called developed. The poor needs more opportunities than the well to dos! It may create disparity, but eventually the richer section finds a way out whereas the poorer section lacks the resources for the same. It is like a govt. run caste system but this caste system has its significance that cannot be ignored. The development we talk about isn't possible unless every poor has a considerable standard of living, which is a major setback in our country! Compare a rich guy and a poor one, who needs help to stand on his feet? Reservation is this help.

Everyday some so called “Respectable Patriot” rises and demands dismissal of reservation system but none of them continue their struggle for long, reason unknown. Everyday people talk about ending reservation, either on the internet or over the tea meetings; they vow to construct a better world where all souls irrespective of their caste, religion, race or sex will remain equal. Every young mind dreams of becoming the PM and changing the course of this country, but none ever work on that. Every time we see some poor guy, we feel sorry for them. But does nobody ever think about making the world a better place for them? We talk and talk and talk, but when it comes to action our head gets buried under the sand of ignorance and the better part that once lives in us dies!
The only way to succeed as a country is by taking everyone together and for this the poorer section of our society has to rise! If you really want to do something for the country, start now! Do whatever you want to, do whatever it takes you to reach the goal!

Together we can do it; together we can be equal! Together we can help those who need help; together we can change this country! Together we can take India to that position where every Indian will look at the tricolor, his heartbeat will pause, he will salute the flag and he will proudly say “India is my country and I am proud of it”.

One thing we know for sure is that this is possible only if reservation isn’t a hurdle in our way. Pave way for the poor- You have had your chance, let them take the opportunity now!

Published by Laksh! Born Politician. Proud Indian. Aspiring Writer.

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