The Silhouette (I)

There was a sudden change in the weather. The threatening clouds which once made Wanarpur their home were now gone; pushed away by the blue. The sun hidden behind them was visible for the first time in centuries; it was raging. Sunlight came as a surprise to the city men. The red sky and bright sunlight made the perfect soothing combo. The weather was more pleasant than ever before. Birds couldn’t help but scream out their most ferocious coo. A lion’s roar was audible from miles away. The darkness of the atmosphere was replaced by sparkling light and the wind blew with its unique sensation of positivity. Nobody ever felt better than they did now. Nature was rejoicing with the newly spread aura of happiness. The world seemed to change. A change although for good, but weird, for never was such thing even imagined by the living. Humans came out of their homes to witness the miracle, but they weren’t alone. An army of monkeys was at the foot of the sacred temple too.

All this happened in a second, a single second. “Something’s wrong” every Wanarpuri thought. “But what?” Nobody knew. And at that very moment, a silhouette appeared in the sky. It covered most of the sun. One second it was there; another it vanished. Dumbstruck were those who saw what they could never believe! People got afraid, news spread and every sort of possibility was unveiled by the thinkers. Tension spared none; but deep inside every heart knew that some power was at play. People began investigating to know about the shadow-man. But beating the odds, something about the scenario seemed familiar.

“He is back!” these three words sent shivers down everyone’s spine. It was the wise sage who spoke, a person whom never before had anyone heard. He was into constant meditation since time immemorial. Now that he woke up, the public knew something was seriously wrong and that there was a story to it. They had heard about the wonders and miracles of the past, but they didn’t know the story of the sage: a story they were curious to know.

“He is back. The mightiest of all, our protector! So long did I wait for him and now HE IS BACK” laughed the immortal. His laughter echoed in every ear. Some laughed back at him thinking that he was a lunatic. But the genius population knew that these changes and the waking up of the sage cannot be a mere concomitance. The whole lot of people reached the temple, where the sage resided since ages. Eyes were left wide open when they saw the huge pack of monkeys already at the temple. The temple offered prayers to a man of the past, somebody whose name was limited to the legend stories. There was always something special in that temple and as the latest incidents suggested, it was much more than what people had expected. The appearance of the silhouette, waking up of the immortal, huge monkey gathering at the temple- It wasn’t just a stroke of serendipity; there must be a history. But the proper chain could only be connected if the right person was asked to do it. And well, the world at large now knew who the right person was.

“The bygone has its truth concealed in the treasury box the key to which is trapped in hell's cage. The history shall now reveal its biggest miracle that is back to mark the beginning of a new age. The time of happiness will ungrave itself from the world of the dead and the king shall see himself back on his throne. The mightiest, yet the kindest of all- he is reborn and is back to satisfy his purpose. To remove every iota of evil from the world and to punish the devil himself, he has returned. To the people of Wanarpur, beware. None’s guilt will be spared.” The sage addressed the population. Goosebumps and shivers attacked and moved them as they heard him speak. His voice had strength, happiness and a sense of strong warning. But it was beautiful! It was both exhilarating and threatening at the same time. It was magical!

“Who are you?” asked one of the many.

“I am the Earth’s knowledge. All that you know resides in me. I know about the world’s formation, I know about its end. I am the immortal. I am not the almighty, but I am no less either. My name, dear boy, is Vidhatva. And if I am not wrong, you are the President of Wanarpur, Mr. Angad.” replied the Sage with a blunt smile on his face. Every soul who heard him was taken aback. How could it be true? A person who was in sleep for years and years knew everything there was to know. Chatter filled the temple’s courtroom. People spoke to each other, surprised, about how in the heaven’s sake was that possible. But the president wasn’t interested in “How?”, instead he wanted to know “Why?”

“Whoever you are or whatever powers you have, I know not. But the whole of Wanarpur and I want to know why you woke up? Why did the atmosphere change suddenly? Whose shadow was it that we saw? Why did it disappear? As my perception of happenings say, all this isn’t just a twist of fate. It surely has some connection. And you know what it is, don’t you? My lord, we need to know what’s going on. We need to know if our lives are at stake. Just tell us my lord, tell us please.” Angad was on his knees with his hands joined. Tears of nervousness trickled down his red face. He was begging for Vidhatva to tell him everything. The old man, on the other hand, kept smiling. Guessing at his efforts, one could tell that he was either trying to recall the past or to put it into words.

There was a long silence, probably the longest moment of their lives, finally broken by the sage.

Published by Laksh! Born Politician. Proud Indian. Aspiring Writer.

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