‘Cyber Surgical Strikes’ Pakistani websites hacked by Indian hackers

‘Cyber Surgical Strikes’ Pakistani websites hacked by Indian hackers

Surgical Strike spills on to the cyber world as Indians and Pakistanis hack each others websites

Ever since Indian armed forces killed unknown number terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers in surgical strikes, the relation between the two neighbours has tensed up. According to a Superintendent of Police from Mirpur, Pakistan, Indian armed forces opened up the Indo-Pak line of control on the night of 29th Sept 2016 and conducted high precision surgical strikes to successfully take down 7 terrorist launch pads in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The result of the surgical strikes is not know but Indian Army has announced that they have successfully obliterated around 5 terrorist launch pads and eliminated high number of terrorists.

With the surgical strikes dominating the newsrooms in both India and Pakistan, it has now spilled over to the cyber world. In protest against the Indian surgical strikes, Pakistani rookie hackers or script kiddies are said to have hacked 7000 Indian websites.

Indian cyber army known for its prowess has launched ‘cyber surgical strikes’ of their own. With India relentlessly launching diplomatic and non-diplomatic strikes against Pakistan, Indian netizens are going a step further ahead to literally isolate Pakistan – by locking Pakistani governmental websites.

According to reports, Indian hackers have hacked into a large number of Pakistan government websites and are encrypting the contents of the websites. Pakistani techies and webmasters are facing a tough time stopping their counterpart from hacking into their websites. Reportedly, the gravity of the situation is such that Pakistani techies have offered to pay Indian hackers in Bitcoin – online money – to regain access to their own sites.

But most of the Indian hackers have refused the offers and have kept the sites under control, reports the Daily Mail. However, the situation will be intense on both sites as the hackers have warned that the Pakistani techies will retaliate.

Online agencies have warned the hackers that there should be no instances of data loss while partaking in this online ‘war’ with the neighbour.

The main objective of these hackers hacking into each other’s websites is to deface the structural composition of the site and make the website null and devoid of being catered to online users.

It remains to be seen how the Pakistani hackers counter to these Indian cyber surgical strikes.

Published by Lakshay Arora

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