Is German Becoming A Prominent Language In India?

Is German Becoming A Prominent Language In India?

Dec 18, 2021, 6:21:43 AM News

In an increasingly integrated global community, the ability to speak more than one dialect is increasingly becoming more essential by the minute. There are countless reasons why it would be useful to know one or more foreign languages. That said, for most people, the main reason for learning a foreign language lies in its usefulness at work or study.


Speaking one or more foreign languages is indeed a plus, if not a necessity, in today's professional world. But which language to learn? Which one has more demand, offers a better salary, career prospects, and job opportunities?


German is becoming a prominent language in India. People are learning German in India for various reasons. And even the number of German learners has grown over the past few years. From banking to IT, from healthcare to the tourism industry, there is a particularly high demand for German speakers in India and other German-speaking countries.


If you are looking for opportunities to take up higher studies in German-speaking countries or working in multinational companies in countries that are German marketplaces, learning this language will help you a lot in your career.


Why Learn German In India?


The growing Indo-German relationships have given rise to opportunities for professionals to work in India and in German-speaking countries.


Learning German can help you get a high-paying job in popular European countries where Germany is the official language. And it is the official language of Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Over 105 million people are native German speakers and around 80 million people around the world use it as a second language.


Learning German is not only a way to communicate with those who reside in Germany, but also for those from Central and Eastern Europe, as it is the most widely spoken language in that area.


Benefits Of Learning German In India-


1.     Career Scope


On a global scale, Germany has earned its place as the 3rd largest economy in the world, is the economic powerhouse of the European Union, and the second-largest exporter of the world. Furthermore, Germans are innovators and are considered the forefront of new technologies, which means that learning their language can increase job opportunities in multinational companies.


Various German companies have their offices in India and they hire those who are well-versed in German dialect. So, learn German in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, etc. for a better learning experience.


2.     Study in Germany


Are you thinking of getting admission to a university in Germany? Great idea, the university is almost free here. Not only German students spend little, but also European and non-European students enrolled in all public universities in the country. The relatively low tuition costs and the good quality of education of German universities have meant that in recent years there has been a boom in enrollment by international students at German universities.


In Germany, there are many university courses taught in English, but it is equally true that, if you want to enter a German university, you must have a language certification. So join the German institute in Mumbai and get intensive German language courses in Mumbai for certification.


3.     German Is The Language Of Culture


Germany is known for its culture, music, art, literature, philosophy. The most important exponents of philosophical culture are Germans, such as Marx, Nietzsche, Hegel, Kafka, Hesse, and Freud. Other prominent figures are Mozart, Bach, Strauss, Wagner, and Beethoven. The study of the German language and literature, therefore, gives access to a new culture and allows one to approach on a mental level this world rich in modern and contemporary traditions and knowledge. Those who are fascinated by Germany and its history, culture, and literature will be able to understand the beauty and uniqueness of German culture in its whole being.


4.     Knowing German Creates Business Opportunities


Companies very often prefer candidates who know a second language, such as German, in addition to English. In India, it is widely believed that speaking in English is not enough to have relations with one's partners in Germany. In fact, if an Indian company has a staff that has the ability to speak and understand German, it is usually favored in negotiations over other companies that only use English to communicate with their business partners.


5.     The Tourism Industry


The knowledge of German seems almost essential for those who plan to work in the world of tourism or already do. The Germans, in fact, are the present foreign tourists in our country, but also in the United States, Spain, Greece, France, and Portugal. So, if you want to try to be hired in a travel agency, hotel, airline, or car rental company, be able to understand and speak the language of Goethe. It is an excellent starting point to be able to reach your goal.




If you are convinced of the importance of German, but still are afraid of not being able to learn it, know that German is not as difficult as you think. There are various simple ways that make learning German fun and easy. You can also attend German language classes in Mumbai for better learning.

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