6 Different Types Of Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own!

6 Different Types Of Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own!

Apr 17, 2019, 3:22:26 PM Life and Styles

We know what you’re wondering, as if choosing a lipstick shade from the overwhelming variety available in the market wasn’t enough that you now have to score through lipstick types as well. But mark our words, getting a hold of the various textures of lipsticks and their types is essential to wear them with confidence. Ahead, we discuss the major 5 types of lipsticks to make your future choices easy.

1. Satin and Sheer lipsticks

These lipsticks are one of the classic lipstick formulas and are a great choice for everyday wear. They keep your lips nourished and moisturized all day long and make them appear shiny and glossy to add a subtle shine. But sheer and satin lipsticks tend to dry out due to their high oil content and you may have to apply it on your lips more often.

2. Matte lipstick

At the other end, opposite from gloss are the matte lipsticks, which are a perfect choice for women who like colorful, popping shades. Matte lipsticks are shine, gloss free alternative to sheer and glossy lipsticks, giving pure, thick and smooth color with even texture. We recommend you combine matte lipsticks with Vitamin E and aloe vera to protect the lips from drying out.

3. Cream lipsticks

We recommend women with smaller lips to use this type of lipstick. Lipsticks with creamy formula are not very shiny but have a smooth application. They are the first cousin of sheer lipsticks and offer a perfect balance texture and gloss. They have a high concentration of wax, giving it a higher grade for staying power. Pair it best with professional outfits or with weekend avatars.

4. Pearl and Frosted lipstick

Another type of a lesser know lipstick is pearl and frosted lipstick. These lipsticks reflect light and make a glistening, shiny effect on your lips. However, these lipsticks can make your feel heavy on the lips or leave them dry. We recommend you moisturize your lips properly before applying pearl and frosted lipsticks.

5. Gloss Lipstick

Gloss lipsticks is the most  popular type for women with thin lips. While this type is majorly referenced to throwback trends, they are always in vogue during warm month of april-may. They add a youthful glow to fresh daytime looks. You can also rock gloss lipsticks at night parties, festive occasions and after-hour event to make the gathering drool over you. After all, lips don’t lie - specially glossy lips!


6. Long wearing and transfer-resistant lipsticks

If you’re amongst those who hate doing touch ups, then this is the kind of lipstick you’re looking for. These lipsticks are meant to stay on your lips throughout the day or night, for four to eight hours at stretch and sometimes even more. They usually stay transfer resistant unless you eat something greasy or oily. Long lasting lipsticks contain moisture to keep your lips nourished and balance the dryness.

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