8 Important and Natural Baby Care Tips

Parents, especially those dealing with a new born baby for the first time, have to deal with the struggle of health and hygiene issues for their little one. It is recommended to take the organic and natural route rather than synthetic products and foods, since they may hinder the growth and development of the baby. Here is a list that gives a few tips on how to naturally take care of your baby, without being fearful about chemical contamination.

Avoid Fancy Baby Products

There are a number of cute baby products like soaps and shampoos out there, which you might be tempted to use. These products may have damaging effects on the delicate skin and sensitive immune system of your baby.

Don't Overdo Infant Massage

Massage is good for a baby's body, but make sure you don't overdo it. The perfect time for a massage is right after you give your baby a bath, and after a diaper change.

Baby Acne

As a result of mother's hormones, a baby might have small acne patches on the skin. Avoid using oils and lotions on these patches, since that may only irritate it further. Instead, just rinse it with water and use a mild, all-natural soap in severe cases.

Ensure Hygiene While Using Diapers

Instead of washing cloth diapers with harsh detergents and using artificial fragrances and chemicals, wash cloth diapers with a mixture of baking soda and water, and then rinse with vinegar. This will get rid of all germs in a natural way.

Use Water to Wash Eyes

A clear liquid might ooze out of your baby's eyes, and you can wipe it away by simply dipping a soft cotton ball in water and gently wiping the eye. If there are any more tear duct problems, you can visit a doctor.

Use Glycerin Laxatives

In case your newborn is facing constipation issues, you can use glycerin laxatives; I'm both solid and liquid forms. Avoid using chemical laxatives since they may be too harsh for the newborn system.

Carry out Massage in a Calm Atmosphere

Like adult massages, infant massages also be needed to carry out in a proper, peaceful and calm atmosphere. Make sure there are no television sets or cellphones around, but soft music and speech can be used for calming effect.

Arrange a Crib

To make the baby’s sleep sound and comfortable and keep the baby away from falling and getting injured, arrange a baby crib.

These baby care tips will help you to the most as I know taking care of the baby is very important and you cannot take it lightly. 

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