How You Can Boost Human Growth Hormone In Your Body

How You Can Boost Human Growth Hormone In Your Body

Mar 23, 2019, 9:37:18 PM Business

HGH, which expands to Human Growth Hormone, is an essential hormone in the body with multiple functions. It is secreted by the pituitary gland, also known as the master gland and plays an indispensable role in growth, repair, composition and metabolism of the human body. Other than these primary functions, HGH also has a significant contribution to muscle development and physical performance of a human body. Chemically speaking, GH is single-chain polypeptide anabolic 191-amino acid and is released in the bloodstream to regulate various functions and behavioural patterns of any individual.

Why do you need HGH in your body

As stated in the article earlier, human growth hormone has multiple functions to be taken care of in the human body. Some of the common ones being, maintenance of a robust bone-muscle system, cell proliferation and other similar jobs. It is also known as somatotropin and is insoluble in fat. This property causes the hormone to bind to receptors of the target cells, thus initiating the MAPK or mitogen-activated protein kinases pathway leading to the rapid multiplication of chondrocytes in cartilaginous tissues.

The deficiency of GH can result in tissue failures, weakening of bones which cause pathologic fracture and osteoporosis. Although the lack of this hormone is rare in human adults, at a young age, it might result in stunted growth of the individual and an all-around growth malfunction in children. As Growth hormone also plays a crucial role in calcium retention and regulation in the body, consumption and utilisation of glucose in the liver and accelerates protein synthesis, it seems wise to discuss the ways to improve HGH levels in your body.

  • Lower your intake of calories

One of the biggest enemies of any proper body functions is calories– mostly the calories that aren't used well. And one of the easiest possible ways to avoid extra calories being stored in your body in the form of fat is by reducing your calorie intake. You can regulate the consumption of calories by switching to healthier snacks such as mixed fruit serving instead of a regular bowl of crisps or other junkies. Moreover, healthier varieties of oil that get absorbed lesser like rice bran oil than others can also be helpful in maintaining the levels of HGH in your body.

  • Workout routine

The percentage of body fat accumulated in an individual is adversely proportional to the levels of GH secretion in him or her. Belly fat especially plays an active role in lowering the growth hormone secretion of the body. This might be the underlying cause of multi-faceted bodily malfunctions, one of the most common being, cardiovascular diseases. Losing body fat works as a direct incentive to increase the production of growth hormone in the body. Thus, it is necessary that you include a workout routine in your regular schedule no matter how short to utilise your calorie intake appropriately.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Fasting has been reported to be one of the sure and less time-consuming ways of increasing GH secretion in the body. Two or three days of fasting can improve the production of this hormone by as much as 300 to 400 percent. However, for obvious reasons, continuous fasting is neither a feasible nor a reasonable way to increase GH secretion levels. Thus, intermittent fasting is the more usual approach towards the goal. This can go with periods of skipping meals or eating only a controlled and calorie counted meal per day.

  • Get your sleep schedule right

Ensuring quality sleep is a mandatory step towards elevating the level of HGH your body has because of the fact that a significant portion of total HGH secretion is known to occur when you’re asleep. HGH is produced in the form of certain pulses that are released within a specific interval and having a disrupted sleep can completely alter the natural production of this hormone. This is why focusing on sleep improvement seems the most convenient yet effective way to keep up with HGH levels so that you don’t have to deal with various side effects that its deficiency brings.

Sleep improvement can be practically achieved in various ways and there is a ton of resource available on the internet to let you have a quality sleeping time. If nothing seems to work, you can rely upon several mobile applications that make use of soothing music to not only help you fall asleep faster but also deeper. You might not have to worry about HGH level if you don’t miss out on a proper sleep routine that can help your body and mind relax along with enabling sufficient secretion of this hormone.

  • Melatonin intake

Doctors around the world have also started prescribing doses of Melatonin when patients find themselves struggling with the insufficient amount of HGH in their body. Melatonin not only has a direct impact on HGH level in your body but also has a secondary positive impact as it enhances the sleep quality which, in turn, helps you meet the desired quantity of HGH.

While Melatonin is known to be hugely helpful in coping up with poor sleep and imbalanced blood pressure, its consumption calls for a medical prescription. A professional medical practitioner needs to determine the quantity suitable for you to consume while assessing various medical factors and your medical history. Melatonin can not only assist you in maintaining required sleeping hours but also make sure you don’t have to be stressed about reduced HGH levels in your body.

  • GABA supplements can be used

Medical science has fortunately advanced to a point where you can find a viable supplement for pretty much any compound or essential nutrients’ supply in the body. GABA supplements could be thus, termed as no less than a boon for those who need to significantly elevate the levels of HGH. GABA transmits signals to your brain and plays a crucial role when it comes to deciding your quality of sleep. Now because sleeping time is closely related to the secretion of HGH in any individual, thoughtful and prescribed use of such a supplement can undoubtedly help you achieve the desired levels of HGH. Nonetheless, you get to see a hike in the relaxation you feel after you get up from a sleeping session which is an essential advantage of GABA supplement in itself.

  • Amino acid optimisation

Amino acids are a plus when it comes to the healthy production of growth hormone in the human body. A number of single amino acids or even the combination of some have been reported to greatly develop the release of this hormone. Some of the essential amino acids that work as a significant factor, in this case, include– arginine, glycine, ornithine-arginine combination and arginine-lysine combination. However, these might require special timings to work appropriately. For instance, the first combination is to be taken pre-workout while the later one needs to be taken at rest to optimise the levels of GH.

  • Workout sessions with Beta-alanine

Use of various exercise supplements has been increasingly popular among those who are dealing with an insignificant amount of HGH in the body. Numerous such supplements can be used to not only improve the peak power but also have a considerable impact on HGH levels during your exercising hours. Beta-alanine is a consistent name whenever a medical expert is going to recommend you a health supplement that aims towards hiking HGH levels for short-term so that you can get boosted performance during the workout.

Apart from Beta-alanine, there are several protein drinks and sugary shakes that can also come handy when you need an elevated supply of HGH. It’s necessary to consult with your doctor and decide whether a protein supplement will turn out to be more beneficial or you need to go with any other choice while deciding upon a supplement that can help you meet HGH levels in your body.

  • Cut down sugar consumption

High consumption of sugar results in the production of somatostatin as well as insulin in the body, both of which are major causes of a decrease in the production of HGH. Simple sugar or any carbohydrate that have a high glycemic quotient might also cause a rapid hike in insulin content of the body. Apart from this, you also need to be mindful while taking a supplement that has a substantial amount of sugar in it because while it can provide you with a short-term boost in the level of HGH, it might also make you lag in your weight loss goals. All in all, sugar intake needs to be your primary concern whenever deciding any change to keep up with the amount of HGH.

  • Avoid overeating around bedtime

Usually, the human body releases sufficient quantities of growth hormone, especially after meals at night. Any sort of food consumption results in a rapid rise in the insulin levels of the body. And insulin might in turn cause blockage in the release of GH. To avoid this, you can shift your supper timings to at least 2 or 3 hours prior to bedtime. Moreover, try to keep this meal low in high levels of carbohydrates or complex proteins by default to avoid the high release of insulin.

Growth hormone reportedly has had multiple contributions to the field of medical development in recent years. One of the most significant advancements of GH in medicinal use includes Growth Hormone therapy. It is used to treat chronic renal failure in adults and growth issues in children and teenagers. This therapy happens to be one of the most common and successful hormone therapies in recent times. However, you need to be mindful about taking HGH prescription from a considerably reputed platform before you move ahead with your treatment so as to overcome the impact of reduced concentration of HGH in your body.

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