Tech Career: The Most In-Demand Tech Career Opportunities

It is truly noticeable how people nowadays have embraced the modern technology. Upon waking up, a man usually checks out his phone, order breakfast through a touchscreen monitor and sits in front of his office laptop for 8 hours or more. Even banking transactions and other daily tasks are now automated. With this, it is also obvious how tech jobs are becoming a path to a lucrative career.

Below are some of the most in-demand
tech career opportunities you might consider checking out:

Software Engineer

Requiring analytical abilities and excellent coding skills, software engineers consolidate their ideas, create and test to come up with a system according to the client’s preference. Start-up companies in Seattle specially look for potential candidates with fresh ideas to easily align results with the  latest trends in technology. There are additionally numerous employment opportunities inside substantial government and other established companies.
Web Designer

With solid knowledge about HTML, CSS, and PHP, plus a creative mind, one can be a potential web designer. Most companies look out for artistic individuals who can create designs for their websites and logos. Having a knowledge about photo editing and animation will take your career even further.  

Data Security Analyst

As the quantity of hacking and information rupture cases rise, having a powerful barrier against digital assaults is indispensable. Data Security Analysts are the ones in-charge of guaranteeing the systems’ safety. They instruct staff to maintain a strategic distance from unintended revelations and keep up to speed with potential outer dangers. They see to it that only authorized persons have access to the most confidential data in a company and are always vigilant of any suspicious activities within the system.

Database Administrator

Since companies need to deal with tons of information, a database framework is mandatory. The data must be protected, routinely upheld, sorted out for convenience and subject to specific consents and benefits. They are responsible with data troubleshooting and backup and recovery. In order for a person to be qualified for this job, one must have a knowledge of structured query language (SQL) and a general understanding of distributed computing architectures.

Cloud Systems Engineer

Cloud computing has been taken further through the years. Many tools and applications provide services to store photos, videos and other important data on the cloud. It is also being used for networking and other business transactions. A cloud systems engineer basically take all responsibilities associated with cloud computing - from design to technical support. They must have a clear understanding on programming languages including Java and Python and must have enough knowledge on how to deploy web services in the cloud.

IoT Specialists

Many homes and infrastructures are adapting themselves in the continuous advancement of technology. There are people who install smart door systems, security cameras and even a phone controlled garage in their homes. Other big companies use IoT on their physical devices to easily monitor employees and remotely control all happenings in their organization. An IoT specialist primarily work on helping a business stay on top of trends. A basic knowledge in DevOps engineering, compliance of IoT technology and a dedication on continuous learning is a must for aspiring IoT specialists.

While most companies desire in hiring individuals that have excellent programming and problem-solving skills, recruiters are also looking for people who knows how to be a team player and has a cooperative personality. This will help them determine the ones that will contribute on the company’s success.




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