Buying Marijuan, Is It Legal?

Buying Marijuan, Is It Legal?

May 29, 2021, 11:14:59 AM Life and Styles

It is perfectly legal for citizens of many states to legally purchase personal use quantities of marijuana from licensed retailers. But buying marijuana from an online site that sells pot is a grey area. While it is perfectly possible for mature adults over the age of 21 to legally purchase medical marijuana (in some states), currently existing federal regulations make it very difficult for prospective clients to use credit cards, checks, debit cards, or any other kind of electronic payment method to purchase marijuana from a site that sells pot. So, what can a buyer to do when he wants to buy marijuana online in Canada?

There are a number of ways that an individual might be able to buy marijuana online legally. Legally buying marijuana from a site that sells medical cannabis would be very similar to buying marijuana from a site that sells recreational cannabis. The only real difference is that a person would not be able to go through a regular "commerce system" to purchase legal cannabis. Instead, when a person decides to purchase marijuana, he would create an account with an online transaction facilitator like PayPal or eBay. While the site might have separate buying and shipping systems in place, most marijuana online companies do not.

When a user makes an account with these companies, his credit card is automatically charged a pre-determined minimum amount for buying marijuana each time an order is placed. While some companies may allow for the consumer to pay with a debit card, typically this will only be done if the buyer has already created an account with that company and has a debit card. So essentially, anyone who is buying marijuana online with a debit card is circumventing the legal issues surrounding purchasing medical cannabis in terms of using a credit card to pay for it. But does this mean that there are no other ways to pay for marijuana?

It certainly appears that some companies are now allowing consumers to make purchases with cash, even though they are still technically making transactions with a virtual account. But if someone is looking to buy marijuana with cash, what he needs to do is find an online store that allows him to purchase recreational cannabis with a credit card. Simply put, most online stores that accept credit cards will let consumers pay with a card rather than with a check. While this will not offer a foolproof way to avoid government intervention, it will allow a person to transact business even while his bank account is being monitored by federal authorities. And that means that buying marijuana with cash is not only legal; it is also more convenient than simply buying it online.

In some states, including Colorado, recreational marijuana is legal but sales are still illegal under federal law. But because state governments across the country are now starting to liberalize their marijuana laws, the issue is now moot. So what can we learn from the states that have already legalized for recreational use? While it is true that users can use cash to purchase cannabis, the same is also true when buying other drugs. While it may not always be easy to find a retailer willing to sell you pot, those who are operating illegally can still find customers in local coffee shops and stores.

If the trend continues, there will soon be an even greater demand for licensed retailers specializing in medical and recreational cannabis. After all, it doesn't matter whether you are buying cannabis in California or Kentucky: it is still illegal under federal law to sell it across state lines. And even those who are operating within those states can be forced to do business according to federal laws if they choose to do so. So, why wait for the federal government to act? Buy marijuana legally in Canada and you can avoid the crush of government intervention and keep on earning money by growing your own cannabis.

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