My Favorite Fitness Person

My Favorite Fitness Person

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! Today I write this blog to inspire you for the week ahead to accomplish your fitness goals. That's why I'm going to share with you my favorite fitness person and why. Obviously, it's a woman so here goes...

My favorite fitness person by far is Skylar Diggins. Some people may say well she's just a basketball player not a fitness motivator, but I guarantee she will outwork and beat you in most any fitness competition outside of the basketball court. I follow her on Instagram and Twitter specifically for fitness inspiration (and to admire her fabulous relationship with her fiancé). 

I am actually the same age as Skylar and played college basketball the same years that she did at Notre Dame - the only difference is that I played for a division two school and did not make it to the WNBA. Therefore, I am relying on someone I can relate to for motivation. Some people probably don't know this but most WNBA players leave in the fall after the season to go and continue playing overseas. However, Skylar stays home and trains like a beast during her offseason. This is where you can find some serious inspo on her social media pages. She will regularly post workouts that she's doing with her trainer along with motivational quotes that complete her badass persona.

She also shares what she eats, which is so important for her body as an athlete. People may think that because she has a Nike deal, has signed with Roc Nation and gets a WNBA salary that she lives this lush life complete with chefs. Well, based on her social media pages I would say she does not - she buys her own groceries and cooks for herself and her fiancé. Skylar recently got engaged and you will frequently find her posting super-healthy recipes on her Instagram saying that she's getting ready for her wedding (not that she has far to go). 

So, my advice to you is to follow her famous @SkyDigg4 on Twitter and Instagram and check out what she has to share. I find her really motivating and you might too! 

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