The Healthy Way to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

The Healthy Way to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2017, 3:07:30 PM Life and Styles

Instead of chocolates, cheap candy, and expensive dates where you eat way too much, try something different with your significant other this Valentine’s Day. And make it something that’s good for your health. You can still make it a date; just make it an active date. You’re more likely to develop a stronger bond if you get active with each other instead of just binge-watching your favorite shows on the couch. Activity requires you to communicate effectively with each other and allows you to challenge each other.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Take a dance class together, try a rock climbing wall, go ice skating, play laser tag…the opportunities are endless. Spending $30 on an hour-long dance class for two is way better than spending $100 on an expensive, and probably unhealthy, meal. Worried about what you’re going to eat? Use this Valentine’s Day to try a new healthy recipe – and even better, make it a shared effort between you and your significant other to cook.

Not seeing anyone right now? No biggie. Lots of people aren’t so don’t feel bad. Any of these things can be done with a sibling or your best friend too! So instead of sulking tomorrow if you’re single, treat it as an opportunity to make yourself feel good. Hang out with friends, eat delicious healthy food, and exercise!! 

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