Why Not Packing Your Lunch is Killing Your Diet

Why Not Packing Your Lunch is Killing Your Diet

So it's Sunday evening and the last thing you're probably thinking of is what you're going to have for lunch tomorrow. However, this is the best time to start thinking about it. If you don't plan for it now, chances are you'll fail and end up going out for something unhealthy. Like Benjamin Franklin said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I recommend packing as much lunch as possible for the week tonight making you less likely to go out. 

I normally pack breakfast, lunch and snacks for my workday which prevents me from overspending on food and eating too many calories. Every day that I don't pack my lunch, I always end up going out to a not-so-healthy restaurant that isn't doing anything for my healthy lifestyle plan. It's so common in corporate work settings to fall into the trap of going out to lunch every single day, but if you plan ahead and pack for yourself you can spend your lunch hour doing something productive instead of sitting at a restaurant. Normally I'll eat at my desk while going through emails or finishing up small tasks and then head to the gym, take a walk or read on my lunch hour. 

Now just because you pack your lunch don't think you're going to start dropping weight immediately. Think about what you're packing yourself. Make sure you have a good blend of healthy carbs, fruits, vegetables, protein and fat. For me, a good lunch will consist of a cup of fruit (normally berries), salad with lunchmeat cut up in it with a vinaigrette dressing and a string cheese. This nice mixture of food will keep me full until my usual 4 p.m. snack time. 

Eating healthy lunches is so essential to your day because if you don't your energy levels could crash in the afternoon causing the second half of your workday to be pretty miserable. Also, if you plan on exercising in the evening it's essential that you have decent food in your body do fuel your workout. So, instead of paying an average of $10 per day for lunch depending on where you live, pack yourself a balanced meal to keep your blood sugar and energy levels stabilized. You'll also eventually start to notice a flatter stomach and dropped pounds!  

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