Letter to my abuser

I know who you are now, and I was wrong about you having a light deep inside.

You are black to your core - you destroy things around you, purposely inflicting pain.

You found me at a high point in my life.  A successful woman, determined and steadfast to reach goals and make differences.  My spirit was connected to those around me and the Earth beneath me.

I was a trophy for you.

I was too good for you -- too healthy, happy, and strong.

So you tore me down, carefully, methodically, through manipulation and gaslighting - trying to alter my very reality - molding me to fit in the palm of your hand. Bringing me to your low.

You broke my spirit by reducing me to nothing, isolating me from real sources of love.

You reduced me to nothing and continued to hurt me.

Don't tell me you need to "pick up the shattered pieces" of your life -- you're living the same train wreck life you always have.

It is ME that has to rebuild.

I will move on, I will be fine, then I will be great again.

I will be loved and find real love filled with respect and caring.

But you -- you don't deserve love, nor will you ever find real love if this is the way you treat people.

Women will continue to crumble under you and flee in the middle of the night to escape you.

So go on to hold up your reputation as a pathetic abusive drunk - and you ARE an abuser - who re-victimized me from my own experiences of past domestic abuse.

I am looking forward to my life free from you,

But I will thank you for the valuable lessons you taught me:

I am worth everything and I will now demand it in the future.

I am more keen to red flags,

I will never settle,

I deserve better, my children deserve better.

And I will never give everything to anyone again, unless they give it all to me in return.

Published by Laura P


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