Little Joys (inspired by living in the North)

I have an internal list of “little joys”.  These are things in life that bring me happiness, and are immensely positive additions to my experience on this planet.

They are things that, when I think of them, cause me to feel wistful or nostalgic.  When I experience them, I feel full or complete in that moment, invigorated, and calm at the same time.

Here is some of that list:
Big, deep, rumbling thunder storms – like the one happening right now as I write
The smell of bon fire
Feeling the sun on my skin (specifically on the first warm days of spring) and the days where I can shed my socks and long sleeves
Capturing the perfect moment in a photograph
Midnight bike rides
The perfect song coming on at the right moment
Driving fast with the windows down
Laughing really hard with friends

Some things are highly influenced by my location in the world, and this makes me so grateful for where I live – although our winters are lonnnnnnng, dark, and bitter cold, there are things that make it all so incredibly worth it.

Warm summer nights
Bird songs
Coming face to face with wildlife – like that time Katie and I were feet away from a fox with a rabbit hanging from its mouth
Seeing the aurora

Stargazing – it makes me feel so infinite yet, so insignificant…

These are images from when I took time for myself to experience the gift of the night sky, free of light pollution.  This is an hour north of Thunder Bay, Ontario on June 12, 2016

We couldn't see the aurora with the naked eye, but my camera let us in on the sky's secret.

What are some of your little joys?

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