What does your anxiety feel like?

I suffer from anxiety.

One thing that helps me through is reminding myself what it feels like so I can separate doom from normal human sensation.

I would like to share and hear and relate to others to feel a sense of normalcy while my mind and body simultaneously feel out of control.

My anxiety feels like:

a heavy fast heartbeat - it pounds and pulses and palpitates

dry mouth and shaky hands

complete body discomfort, agitation

a strong sense for the need to escape

My blood feels poison, vexatious enough that I feel the pull to cut myself open in hopes the feeling will flee me,

feeling at the edge of panic almost constantly,

feeling sick regularly, and feeling panicked about feeling sick




Complete lack of focus,

Feeling out of control.

I feel normal for moments in my day but it's like feeling better is unreachable.


What does yours feel like?  What have you done to defeat it?

Published by Laura P


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