Words from a Shattered Woman

I once had my spirit -

vivid, bright, and alive

Built upon over the years,

Healed after past hurts,

Determined and steadfast

to reach goals and make differences.

My spirit, connected to those around me,

connected to the Earth beneath me.

Then you.

Slowly, you eroded my being.

My light within flickered and faded,

With each day, the weight of your needs and demands

crushed me.

My light grew dim

Connections snapped and sprung far, far away from me.

Reduced to a crumpled pile.

Hopes and dreams,

Happiness and esteem,

Gone, withered, dead.

Unreachable in my state.

It was you!

It wasn't love.

You aren't capable.

You tricked me,

but I knew.

You broke my spirit.

You destroyed me as I was

and now I have to

build again.

Published by Laura P


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