Top 10 Summer Faves

Top 10 Summer Faves

Jun 25, 2016, 1:45:37 AM Life and Styles

So summer is FINALLY here, in a round about way. Anyway it's time to dig the summer wardrobe out and start painting our toe nails and looking for our sandals because, let's face it, the last time you got them out was when? Anyway, I have put together a top 10 covering fashion, tan, makeup, nail varnish, perfume, hair, etc I've got you covered.

1. White flowy tops


So this top I bought from Zara, and they're so comfortable and very fashionable this Summer, it's fab if you're going on holiday cause it's very loose fitting and cool and complementary on everyone. I really wanted this in a dress but I could only find it in a top, at least I got one anyway. I always wear this (in England) with my pale blue River Island jeans, my tan sandals, tan bag and a gold long necklace, usually with a coral lip (featured later in the post). But yeah, absolutely love this top and I'm still desperately trying to find a dress in it.

2. Tan time!!

If you're very pale like me (it's a blessing and a curse), I have finalllyyyy found a perfect tan that gives me a lovely glow and, drum role, that is Palmer's gradual bronzing lotion. It smells absolutely divine by the way, I always smell of chocolate every time I wear it, and it always comes out perfectly like I've been on a quick hol (which we always love). Anyway, this tan always gets complements of 'oooh you've got a glow' and 'have you been on holiday?'. So I massively recommend and I'd say it's up there with some of the expensive tans I own and it's under a fiver, which is a bonus!!

3. Floral fragrances

Usually I'm a Jo Malone fan, I feel like perfume is a big thing, well it is for me anyway, and I'm a true believer of signature scents etc. BUT I have found a cheap pick me up scent that I adore and pop in my handbag alllll the time! And, that is, Library of Fragrance in Blossom, I also have one in Jasmine, but the Cherry Blossom one just smells so summery and fruity, basically summer in a bottle. I often layer the two scents and they smell fantastic together, a really fresh scent which is always a good idea for summer. Highly recommend and they're only £15 from Boots and they have some weird and wonderful scents. Give it a try, why not try paperback... yeah I know, but go for it, try something different as a new perfume to pop in your bag to give a quick spritz when you feel, some of the names of the scents are guaranteed to make you smile.

4. Bronzing time

So along with the fake tan you need a bronzer right? Well I'm usually a fan of the chocolate one by Bourgeois, but I have upgraded in bronzing, I now have the mac one, which I absolutely adore, I think, dare I say this, but it's up there with my FAVE 'Hula' by benefit. I know, I can't believe I've said it. Anyway, this product is fab, it's shimmery, not too dark (depending what skin tone you are, I'm pale and I have the medium one, but I'm sure they'll match you up), and I can use it for contouring if I really want. I usually use this with the tanning brush by Real Techniques in the metallics collection. This brush has been a god send especially for bronzing my neck if I haven't been bothered to tan. So I've cheated and put two in one, but I'll cheat on the lips section too... (shock). But yeah these two products are made for each other and work so well together, definitely products to save for as they're not on the cheap side, but definitely worth it.

5. On to the lips

Lips time, and I have to say at summer time I HAVE to wear a coral/orangey colour. My personal favourites for this time of year are of course Mac's 'Ravishing' which is a more of an orange colour, and gorgeous on, and then 'Chatter-box' which is the more pinky tone of the two. Next is Bourgeois' colour crayon's and this colour is so gorgeous and stays on really well, it also is quite moisturising and feels as though you've got a bit of lip gloss on. I usually wear 'Ravishing' and the Bourgeois lip crayon for day looks and then maybe 'Chatterbox' in the evening, or the 'Hula' lipgloss for more of a casual look for example if I'm going to a BBQ or a garden party. All these lip products are amazing and very summery, can't go wrong.

6. Nails

Right, I'm not a massive fan of doing my nails, I loathe it actually, I'd rather pay someone to do them and put gel on them because as much as they're pretty they chip and I do not have the patience, however, I am slightly changing my ways with the 'Lottie' nail varnish that has popped up in Superdrug, and they have some absolutely beautiful colours, so, naturally, I couldn't help myself, and I purchased the pale blue one. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised and love it, it's a gorgeous colour and although everyone is going for orange nails etc, I feel this is also a contender in a Summer nail colour. It's such a beautiful colour on and hasn't chipped for a few days, which is VERY lucky for me as I usually chip my nails within the hour. Would recommend it, they're a little pricier than say BarryM, but it's worth it. You'll also be blown away by the vast choice of colours they have and they're so so pretty! Can't resist really!

7. Eyes

I'm cheating again by merging products, but it's all under the eye category... so it's ok. So I took a trip to Nyx yesterday in Manchester and I bought a burnt orange/ copper colour eyeshadow called 'Show girl' which I think is perfect for a summer look. Today I blended it with 'Coppering' by Mac and the glitter eyeshadow roll on by Nyx in 'Salmon' and it honestly looked so gorgeous, very summery. I sometimes, if I'm going for the copper summer look use the bronzer I have used that day with my blending brush all over my lid and then add other colours for the crease etc. Goes really well with a bronzed cheek and coral lips. Also the glitter roll on by Nyx is AMAZING, if anything make sure you by that if you love having sparkly eyes!

8. Beach waved hair

This is a product I've always had, and it's one I always forget I have every year, and I only dig it out at summer, but it works wonders. The fudge salt spray is one of the best I have ever had, and I've had A LOT of salt sprays as I've always envied the 'out of the sea', been on holiday, natural kind of waves look. But, guess what I've never quite cracked it, but this product is the closest I've had.

9. Blush

Personally, I don't use blusher but this summer I have changed my ways. Every day the sun comes out my trusty blush palette comes out, it's now a necessity in my Summer make up routine. This palette by Revolution, found in Superdrug, was £8 and was the best £8 I've spent in terms of giving myself a natural looking flush that looks summery and as though I've been in the sun. It's not too pinky or pigmented so it looks like someone's slapped you, it also has a bronzer in there, one for contouring, various shades of blush depending on your mood and a highlighter. I've used every single one and they're ALLL gorgeous on the skin and can be easily built up for your preference. I just apply to my cheekbones with your bog standard blusher brush and I'm good to go! Revolution are really becoming fantastic in terms of their palettes, thoroughly impressed.

10. The perfect summer foundation

Last, but not least. Foundation, now, this one is a little pricey but in my opinion worth it. I usually in summer wear a darker BB cream if I can get away with it, especially if I've been on holiday. But as of yet I haven't and I'm quite pale and want a bit more coverage but nothing caked on. So behold the Charlotte Tilbury magic touch. I love this foundation, it's not too heavy and it gives quite a dewy finish which I always prefer in summer as it looks like a natural glow, this is perfect and it gives you a good/medium coverage, perfect for a Summer look. This foundation is around £38 (I think roughly), I know, gasp, shock, ouch, BUT, I saved up for it and I'd read a lot of reviews before I purchased and I do not regret in the slightest and lets face it the packaging is to die for so it makes it that little bit more satisfying. I've also found that the bronzers and blush that I've featured in this post go beautifully on it and blends really well. I usually put a good moisturiser on and use 'That Gal' by benefit on my cheek bones, tip of my nose and chin, underneath just to help with the dewy, glow effect and put the foundation on top with a stippling brush (by eco tools) and it just goes on so well. I highly recommend, however if you haven't got the funds a cheaper alternative is the mac face and body which is £22 OR the Bourgois health mix is fab! I use that whenever in doubt and it's a constant fixture in my makeup collection. 


So that's my top 10 for summer for a perfect summer look. If you have any questions about the products featured feel free to comment. Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if there's any other products that you're loving for summer! Enjoy experimenting with your summer fashion and makeup!

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