Anxiety, But The Good Kind

Anxiety, But The Good Kind

This feeling is more than butterflies in your stomach.  It is a heavy chest, fast breathing, and your stomach sinking. The feeling is anxiety. The good kind of anxiety.  Anxiety, because you have a passion and an emotional connection to something important to you. Me as well as others get this feeling when starting a new relationship, or when you are waiting to hear for important results, whether it be a test or job.  I realize this may come to surprise, but yes, I also get this anxious feeling when I watch sports.  I call it sports anxiety. I am fan of huge hockey and basketball, for anybody who relates. I always get judges and questioned for being so into those two sports.  People, especially girls, believe that I watch sports for the attention from boys. Who else has had a problem like that? It sucks, right? That is besides my point.  Finding a passion that makes you feel that way is one of the best feelings ever.  It keeps you on your toes.  It keeps you motivated.  And it can inspire you in ways you never thought.

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