Emotions Taking Over My Mind

I feel like I have a millions things I want to write about but nothing to say.  Does that ever happen to you? Or is that just me? I think I have this feeling but I am just anxious.  I am in Los Angeles and I have come to a realization that I want to move out of California.  If you know me on a personal level, you know that I always said that I would never leave California.  Mind changed.  I want to leave.  I think it would be good for me.  I want to start in a completely new place.  California is awesome, everyone wants to visit California or live in California.  I do want to eventually come back and settle in California but if I want to live out of state now is the time to do it.  

The thought of doing something like this is thrilling, exciting, but also scary. Like what do you do? I guess the first thing is to see where my job takes me. Texas? Michigan? Minnesota? I just want to know!  And then you have the unknowns.  How will you make friends? Ooo. Maybe I will meet a boy? It is the ultimate adventure. 

My life in a nut shell....

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