Everyone Has That One Person

Every girl with "one of those guys" will understand and relate to this perfectly.  Woohoo, drama. I was just going about my life, you know like always, currently jobless and bored.  It's like it was a siren call to him or something.  Yes based on the first couple of sentences, you know what happens next, "that boy" texts.  I did not know how to react.  Should I be surprised? Should I be happy that I finally have some entertainment? Hmm, I think it is both. Well anyways, he told me that he moved to Huntington Beach which is close to me.  We went an got lunch.  A little background info, he and I were those two friends that always had feelings for each other and flirted.  People wanted us to date and either my boyfriend or his girlfriend would get jealous of us.  Back to present day life. We had lunch and it felt like old times.  It was the comfort. It also felt like I was going backwards.  I don't want that.  It was nice being with someone familiar. He is that person that makes you feel so special, and gives you butterflies that you can't help but smile.  After lunch we walked around town and it felt couple-y.  We have more plans to hangout so it will be interesting, I just can't slip into old habits.  So who volunteers to slap me in the face if I start falling for him?


Published by Lauren Emi

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