Everything You Need To Know To Survive Going Back To School

You know what time it is? Back to school season! That means three things: shopping, confidence, and friends.  Now these are the three topics that must be covered in order to survive going back to school.

1. Shopping! I mean duh! You need to look awesome going back to school.  Everyone remembers their first day of school outfit.  It is only the most important thing next to comparing schedules with your friends to make sure you have someone in every class. Good thing the mall is full of sales to buy a new outfit or two, or ten... (insert teeth showing emoji). My advice for shopping is find inspiration, a style that speaks to you and your personality.  Do not try to be someone else.  Oh and make sure it is school appropriate. I usually go for a dressy casual look.  (Like for an article on back to school looks). 

Also, don't for get to get new supplies.  Shopping for supplies is probably the most exciting thing ever! I love buying new notebooks and binders, and making my supplies Pinterest worthy.  If class is going to be boring, I am not going to allow my supplies to be. 

2. Friends.  My favorite part about going to school was to see all my friends I did not get to see over summer.  My plan of attack.  Establish your self in a good group of friends.  Weed out the bad friends early on. Luckily for me, I had a group of friends since elementary school.  Of course, I made new friends too.  Be inclusive, not exclusive.  Trust me, that is your fastest way to popularity.  Every situation is a learning lesson.  With new people do not trust them with secrets until they are proven they can be trusted.  Also, learned that the hard way. Have a good mix of friends that are girls and boys, but if there is a boy of interest make sure he has no ties to any other girl.  That also can get messy. Most importantly, go out and make memories.  Have parties, take trips, do exciting things because those are the memories you will always remember and look back on.

3. Work it! Own it! Go to school with a goal, and know what you want! Don't only try to strive socially but academically! With your confidence, you can do whatever you want.  Confidence is your best friend especially going back to school! 

More back to school blogs coming soon!

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