I Will Drink To That

What does one say after feeling stressed, being chaotically busy, and or just because? I need a drink! After work or just to have a pool day to relieve stress, me and my best friend would go drink across the street with some hot athletes.  I mean who wouldn't have a blast with cute boys, a pool, oh and beer.  Now here are important lessons I learned.  One, be safe.  Meaning, don't drink and drive, be aware of surroundings such as young children, and if you and a cute boy are getting comfortable be safe.  I know those are obvious, or they should be, but it's a good reminder.  Two, if you are drinking excessively and do not have a ride, make sure you have a good enough friend to crash on the floor.  Three, have a buddy.  Story time.  I was feeling extra fun because it was hot, I was dehydrated, and did not eat.  My friend was so good to me.  He bought me dinner and took care of me to sober up and feel better.  It is always better to have a buddy. And on that note, tip four.  Four, make sure to eat and stay hydrated and pace yourself while drinking so you do not get to any of those points. 

Published by Lauren Emi

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