Instagram Famous: My Adventures, Hopes, and Tips

I have been mildly obsessed with Instagram lately, and when I say mildly, I don't mean mildly.  I love the concept of sharing moments with friends, or using it to make others jealous.  Yeah that might sound kind of shallow but come one, are you telling me you haven't posted a picture for the public see to make an ex or someone jealous.  I have been getting a lot of inspiration lately to post activities I am doing, or my favorite latest fashion or beauty finds.  Oh and you can't forget the selfies.  I throw a couple of those in there once in and a while. And as you are reading this, I am documenting my journey on the road.  

My latest obsession of a idea is to travel to sports venues and document my journey there but how do I start? Yeah, I don't know but I want to make it happen.  Sports is a passion of mine from basketball to hockey to baseball and more.  I want to share this with you.  I think it is the perfect platform for a series.  I mean think about it.  I am a girly girl but I am also the girl that can stun guys based on my knowledge with sports.  It wold appeal to your basic bitches who love to post Instagram pictures at a game with a beer their friends to so people know you are there (aka me), but also share the love of sports and its culture (aka also me). 

I have went from 800 followers to 2200 followers in a small period of time, I think I can do this!  The best way to get followers, is to currently be active and look for inspiration with good quality.  Users love to follow accounts with quality photos and photos that tell a story.  Want more specific tips on how I gain followers easily? Comment below or like this article!

Help me get started! Ideas? Thoughts?
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