Not So Sorority

Even though you know what you see in movies are an exaggerated or inaccurate version of real life, sometimes you wish it was all real.  Going into college I was so excited to make new friends, and yes, join a sorority.  So let me tell you how it went.  As a freshman you get recruited.  Girls wants to be your friend to get you to join your sorority. And yes most of us are blinded but glitz and glam, and free drinks to realize they really don't want to be our friends.  Oh and being pretty isn't important? That is a lie.  It is important.  I know, it sounds terrible but it is the truth. They do care about your personality and more in depth but looks are the first thing they see so that makes it the deciding factor if you are in or not.  Now for actual rush.  You are put into groups and then taken around to each house.  The days are long. Oh and your face does hurt from smiling all day.  Your acting skills are get stronger from all of the pretending you do. After a few days of smiling and starring at delicious food you are afraid to eat because you do not want to get judged, you get a bid or you don't.  Luckily I got a bid, but that is when I started to question, why?  Was it my looks?  Was it my clothes? GPA booster? What? As my time in the sorority I learned it was all a fake.  The girls that you joined for, stopped talking to you. Then you get the girl that thinks you are trying to steal her boyfriend. Yeah...if you knew her boyfriend you would know I was not trying to steal him.  Speaking about stealing.  My clothes, jewelry, and makeup started gong missing and I would get texts saying so and so are going through my closet and taking clothes. Then you have the girls you call you a best friend but really call you a whore behind your back.  I guess I had unrealistic expectations, thinking it would be like the movies.  Parties with no restrictions, core group of friends, petty girl drama but no bull.  I wish I had the real experience at a big school because the experience at  small school was the worst. 

I went to a small school so greek life was different from a big school.  It was not the experience I wanted.  I was afraid to miss out if I joined but I think I would have been better off walking away from the experience.  Don't be fooled, you do not meet a whole bunch of life-long friends.  The only thing I don't regret was meeting my two best friends.  Having those two made it worth it.

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