Size Doesn't Matter, Wear a Bikini

Fashion is more than what your wear.  It is a statement of how you feel and can tell others a little about yourself.  There are no restrictions.  No one can tell you what to wear and what not to wear. There are a lot of critics out there especially on the internet.  You see a lot of body shaming, where people say big girls shouldn't wear bikinis or short shorts, or skinny girls can't fill out certain clothes. Well don't listen to them.  Wear what you want.  

I am not tiny but I found a way to wear a bikini and short shorts.  My bikini top is a simple black triangle with a cross back.  I paired it with black high-waisted shorts which is a staple piece for my summer wardrobe.  To cover my shoulders I threw on a light-weight kimono style sweater. 

I am a sucker for neutrals.  My closet consists of black, white, tans, and grey with a few pops of maroon and olive green.  If I am having a really good day I will put extra effort into my outfits, and if I am feeling lazy I will wear the basics.  My trick is to buy tops that look like you put a lot of effort into the outfit without actually having to layer and accessorize, especially during the summer when it's too hot for layering and such. My answer to that is my favorite off the shoulder top from H&M.  

Published by Lauren Emi

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Jul 12, 2016, 8:02:58 AM

You look gorgeous!

Jul 3, 2016, 7:02:53 AM

I love the bikini outfit on you! Super cool! (: And finally a great and healthy attitudes towards "bikini bodies", this is great. I'd love to hear what you think of my blog -

Jul 1, 2016, 11:39:30 AM

Well that's a good one. 😊 You look amazing in that bikini top and short shorts! Keep rocking!

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