The Truth Behind Snapchat Filters

The Truth Behind Snapchat Filters

Aug 13, 2016, 4:22:12 AM Life and Styles

One of the hottest social media trends right now are Snapchat filters! Yes, I am guilty of being one of those "basic" girls who posts way too many snaps on their story using various filters. But hey, they are way too entertaining not to mess around with.  I am sure I am not the only one guilty of this, am I right ladies and gentleman? *insert covering eye monkey emoji*. So now let's get to business.  What do these filters really say when we use them? Let's get started with the ever so popular...

Wow. First of all I have to say this filter works wonder.  This makes ugly me look like I have my life put together. So this filter say three things.  One, it says "I don't have my stuff together so I am going slap on this filter and post a snap to make it look like I know what I am doing in the world". Two, "my friends want to take a picture but I don't look presentable so I will use the gold crown as a distraction from the rest of my face". And three, "this filter makes me look damn hot so I am going to use it".

Oh yes. No one will ever forget the dog filter.  It used to be the most popular until the butterfly/golden goddess crown filter came along. It says the same thing a golden crown filter does but it also says "I want attention".  This filter can be an excuse to be a slutty animal year-round not just on Halloween.  It's okay, I am guilty of using this filter for those reasons too, no shame. 

It is obvious.  Festival is a season in this day, you know Coachella, EDC, blah blah blah blah blah.  Pair this filter with wavy hair and it is festival season all the time.  And if you can't afford to go to Coachella like me, Snapchat comes in clutch to make it look like you went to Coachella. 

Mood.  That is my caption for this snap with this filter.  Why is it used pretty often? Oh, because this is how most of us feel most of the time due to school or work or, you know, people. 

When I first saw this I was like "whaaaaaa?".  This really doesn't say that much besides you are a go with the flow person and don't mind looking a little ridiculous and posting it for the public to see. I mean look at that filter, who came up with this? It is just funny and I like it. I know I am weird. Haha.


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